Iraqi intelligence investigation begins with “Prince of chemo.”


Iraqi intelligence began to investigate with Ziad Al-zawbai, nicknamed “the Prince of chemo in” ISIS “after” Marathon “negotiations between the intelligence service and the Lebanese authorities to extradite him.

Recall that one chemical engineer is zawbai officers under Saddam Hussein, joined after 2003 into several armed groups, and became a Prince in “ISIS”, where he was nicknamed “Abu Abd Allah Al-Azzawi,” according to a report published by the Iraqi satellite NRT channel.

He was detained by us forces, Al-zawbai, as are many of the leaders of “ISIS”, in Buca prison in Basra before being released early 2007, moving to Syria.

In November 2016 across zawbai border into Lebanon illegally, and yet aware of the Iraqi intelligence service, informed the Lebanese side how dangerous and demanded his extradition.

Lebanese sources said that “Prince of chemo” show last March on the Lebanese Prosecutor with news of his release, Iraqi officials fought the negotiating rounds began with Lebanese, that resolved the case by issuing a decision by Lebanese authorities deliver zawbai to Iraq.

Transfer of terrorist early June from Beirut to Baghdad and is currently under investigation in an Iraqi prison, to get his information about organizations that was one of the most prominent members.

Source: NRT