Iraqi forces launch new offensive in Mosul’s old city


Military officials said that Iraqi forces launched a new attack on the Organization of ISIS in the ancient city of Mosul yesterday, seeking to break the stalemate in attempts to wrest control of the last bastions of tough regulation.

ISIS planning dominated Mosul Iraq’s second largest city in 2014 but government troops recaptured most of its territory during the six-month-old process.

It almost forces did not make more than a month ago and the militants holed up inside the densely populated old city in Western Mosul where tanks and large vehicles are unable to work because of the narrow streets.

A statement that the Iraqi federal police forces made a distance 200 metres inside the old city within striking distance of the Nuri mosque who declared him leader of the Organization, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi that what he called “caliphate State” on land in Iraq and Syria. And approached the mosque forces within her sight since last month.

Federal police officer, said the progress today began early in the morning and she’s fighting forces said militants from House to House.

The officer said militants used motorcycles now mined favorite weapons became explaining that the forces control all houses to avoid assailants boats filled with explosives.

And cleared of Iraqi forces backed Government advisers and us air support and artillery East of Mosul and half Western half and now concentrating on the old city.

Officials said that about 400 000 people are trapped in the old city while far more than 300 thousand since the start of operations in October last year.