Iraqi forces closing in on «ISIS» West Mosul


The new front opened led Iraqi troops against Al ISIS from the Northwest axis.
To the Western side of Mosul about cracking down on militant organization who recede day area under
Their control of the city, while Pat their only weapon of suicide attacks and bomb for obstructing the progress of wheels
Understated security forces from coalition aircraft and Iraqi air forces.
Federal police units continued, rapid reaction and the 9th Armored Division of Iraqi army today offer
Multiple trends northwest side of the city that saw fierce alleys between these
Troops and militants.
Federal Police Chief Raed Jawdat Shakir group, which oversees the leadership in this battle field
The axis from Mosul, of «Middle»: «last forces imposed full control over the old age, area apartments
With rapid response units stormed the band second the senescence zone mechanism, pointing out that the incursion
Killing 15 militants «ISIS» five bomb destruction, adding: «terrorist defenses collapsed.
They started running toward the neighborhood, our artillery and aircraft (Waldron) after fleeing
And targeting their premises».
Coinciding with the strikes by security forces by land to militant organization, Coalition jets
Iraqi aircraft positions and speeches studded driving bomb destroyed and killed dozens.
Notify administrator, said federal police force Colonel Abdul Rahman Al-khazaali, «Middle»:
«Pieces of federal police, consisting of rapid response and Advanced Armoured Brigade North axis.
Second the old age and area surrounding the West just 700 metres from the old neighborhood of Northern Mosul economists»,
Pointing out that his forces freed seven square kilometres of territory Northwest axis since the start of operations.
Where the military last weekend so far, revealing that dozens of militants killed in the Organization
Battles and their bodies were still scattered in the streets and in alleys.
Khazaali was: «in the ancient city of our still besieging collector Nouri brick door hand
The Tigris River face a new door and Faruq area, it is a 400 meters from the mosque. And managed
Federal police forces of liberation of 280 square kilometres of land south axis from the right side
For the city of Mosul since the beginning of the battle of liberating this side on February 19 (February).
ISIS planning relies on suicide bombers and IEDs and booby wheels as weapon for impeding progress
Iraqi security forces, while trying every day many guerrillas escape hiding among the displaced people, revealed
Khazaali: that «our progress through the old age economic neighborhood area ran dozens of militants
(ISIS) to economic neighborhood, while others tried to hide among the displaced but our troops have
In the meantime, Commander of Nineveh “operations», special forces Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rasheed Allah Yar,
Today in a statement that the 9th Armored Division of the army, managed to free favela 30 July» perpetuating seam
With the July 17 favela» and the third left coast the old age of the city of Mosul.
For his part, said a captain in counterterrorism forces, preferring anonymity,
Device «freed after battles that lasted hours north industry area on the right side of the connector, and
During this battle to eradicate militant organization based in this area where the majority of
Suicide bombers and snipers, and destroyed a number of wheels bomb papers to attack security forces»