Iraq Announces the end of ISIS in Mosul


Mosul-a said spokesman Iraqi Brigadier Yahia JSOC Messenger said Thursday that the remains of old military regions of Mosul fallen became after the liberation of Iraqi troops walsrgkhanh and zozo2kx area trapping organization ISIS from all directions.

The Messenger said, in a statement to the official Iraqi television that Iraqi forces in the army and police and counterterrorism and quick reply since the early morning hours great progress in fighting axes in old Mosul was controlled alsrgkhanh area, “Noori mosque,” and the rest of the old city areas become military concept military besieged plopped all axles ISIS became broke after these victories left little to declare victory. “

And he had announced a General Abdel Wahab al-Saadi counterterrorism leaders in Iraq said Thursday that pieces of my fight against terrorism passed collector Nouri and his beacon hunchback currently progress toward the second old downtown district of Al-Farouq.

By another Federal Police Chief Raed Jawdat Shakir group that police have surrounded the remaining box from terrorist groups in the South axis stand close to the old town and 200 metres from the last vestiges of regulation in alsrgkhanh combat tasks will be completed in a matter of days based on our intelligence that terrorist organization death throes. “