Iranians choose today between economics and public freedoms


Intense competition between master and spiritual in the presidential race
Iranians cast their ballots in the polling day for the election to the head of Government of the country of
Among the four candidates, amid intense rivalry between the conservative camp’s candidate Ibrahim master and candidate Coalition
Moderates and reformers outgoing President Hassan Rohani
The Iranian Election Commission officially announced yesterday that four candidates: Conservative candidates Ibrahim boss.
Mustafa merslim, Hassan Rowhani, a moderate candidate, reformist Mostafa Hashemi Taba (Iran) were running
The fray today in accordance with article 60 of the law on the Iranian election.
Over the past few days said Tehran Mayor mhamdbakr Qalibaf quit for my boss. In step
Iranian Vice President Tuesday withdrew similar Isaac ghanghiri from the race in favor of a psychic.
A spiritual master and has more luck to win elections after obtaining broad support of Spectra
Of the conservative and moderate camps.
Spiritual banners focused on promoting public freedoms and the development of human rights and freedom of the Internet as well as
Further nuclear foreign policy and restoring Iran’s relations with the international community and investing
The foreigner, while my boss banner improved economic situation and fight corruption, provide jobs and distribute
Riches among Iranians and raise government assistance to the Iranians.
The revolutionary guard forces will participate alongside security and Interior police in ensuring
Securing the elections, the Iranian leader was wary of any movement during the elections, protest and wave guide
«Smack» thinking in protest.
Presidential elections will be held in parallel with the municipal councils elections today to see 39 thousand and 500 representatives on the boards
Municipalities of villages and cities. Municipal elections are experiencing this year competition raging in cities
Between the conservative and reformist camp.
«Commission» guardians of Iran announced last month approved six requests of 1636
Filed a motion to stand for the presidential election, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was among the most prominent Scandinavians to go
This year’s elections.
In this regard, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani fazli resolve the election in the first round.
The winning candidate must get more than 50 percent of the votes to win in the
The election. Ruhani won the presidential election 2013 after got 51 percent of
Unlike statements Rahmani, Iranian Interior Security Assistant student Hussein zawalfkari away from
Any «speculation» about the presidential election results as an agency «Irena». In the same context demanded spiritual campaign
To avoid any celebrations of victory before the official results.
The conservative candidate was Abraham in a statement released Wednesday demanded key government law enforcement
Iranian election.
Campaign witnessed over the last month in an unprecedented dispute between Iranian officials, after
Exchanging accusations of widespread corruption and abuses, and in his speeches, Rowhani hinted many times to special devices
The authority of the Supreme Leader of Iran, such as the judiciary, the revolutionary guards and the radio and television in elections for
The conservative candidate.
Former Attorney General nominates enjoys a major double sensitivity Abraham due to the frequency of his name in the list
Candidates to succeed current leader Khamenei. Accordingly, the end of a major entry into the election
Raise the political balance. Major did not occupy executive positions before running for the presidential election.
Fill my boss over the 37 years high positions in the Iranian judiciary, moved last year from major
Prosecutor to head the institution «astan Razavi» Decree endowment of Khamenei.

In parallel, the Iranian reports today about impeachment or resignation of Inspector in the Office of the Supreme Leader
Ali Akbar nategh Nuri. Iranian news agencies reported that Nuri resigned before a period.
Nategh Nuri was a moderate conservative figures highlighted that declared its support last week for a spiritual campaign.
The reports quoted an informed source that Nuri of Khamenei’s Office in connection with support for the spiritual path.
Nori filled the position Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani when he was President of the country, such as
Nori conservatives in 1997 presidential elections where defeated reformist candidate Mohamed Khatami.
It is unclear whether Khamenei approved the resignation of Nuri. An Iranian source agencies insider
Nuri as saying that his mentor Office high position in public opinion. Must not be a tool one of the currents.
Political, and political exploitation and class for this device and other revolutionary devices incorrectly.
Meanwhile, public opinion polls published in Iranian elections Observatory Carnegie Center
For «Middle East», in collaboration with two Iranian expert Hussein, rise in support of Iranian President
Hassan Rowhani, 27 per cent prior to 9.35 per cent yesterday, while conservative rival Ibrahim
Presidents from 12 per cent to 18 per cent days ago. And publish this information Observatory Foundation for IBO
For surveys.
Poll institution «AIBO» showed on May 17 (May) 2017, two days before the presidential election.
Iran, that votes for you from Hassan Rohani Ibrahim to rise. If the pattern
For style indicated by the poll may 17, will win good
Participate and vote on polling day similar
Psychic in the first round of the election (Iran’s electoral system is two rounds).
Or likely to
The results indicate that 63 percent of respondents who say: 1 they inevitably
Participate in the elections, and 2 they tend to vote for one candidate while contestants, and then choose
Palmer is a major scarcity where gets 32 hits in scoring
Psychic as a first option. A spiritual dimension, comes too late.
Cent. And still 5 per cent of voters want to vote for candidates either withdrew from the presidential race
And their name is not on the ballot, they are fighting elections elsewhere in other elections.