The Iranian opposition: Tehran regime responsible for the deaths of 35 miners


Iranian opposition to the Tehran regime treated rudely aggressive with victims of a mine incident, Azad Shahr “who killed to at least 35, loaded the system responsible for the incident.

And provided the Iranian resistance leader Maryam Rajavi, expressed condolences to the families of the victims and people of Golestan province and the General workers, stressed that the Iranian regime is responsible for these tragic events, especially increasing the number of casualties.

Rajavi said that if similar incidents in other countries are placed all the potential in the service of saving lives but in Iran all the potential lies in the harness in the looting and the repression of the Iranian regime, Rajavi called on residents of Golestan Pan particularly young people to advocate for the wounded and their families.

The Iranian opposition said in a statement that one of the survivors of the accident reported that the smell of gas in the mine was being felt inside the mine, the Iranian regime officials were informed, but did not give importance to it, although the tunnels in the mine lacked the minimum conditions of safety in the incident remain alaoksign for 15-20 minutes.

The statement referred to the Tehran regime hostile to workers, insolently responsibility for this crime lies with the workers, where the so called “Governor of Golestan – one of the reformers ‘ led to the explosion in the mine, as Labour Minister fingered system towards workers saying:” it seems that the coal truck broke down in the depth of 700 meters to run used wrong way leading to the explosion. “