Iran seeking to sustainment in fuel consumption thanks to the new refinery is the largest in the world.

AP-Iran’s President opened Sunday a new refinery will approve of the country achieving fuel self, Iranian media quoted Rowhani said that “self-sufficiency in the production of fuel great pride of the Iranian people” and described in Bandar Abbas refinery station (South) as the biggest in the world, built by the seal of the prophets “of reconstruction, economic and industrial arm of the Iranian revolutionary guards Iran currently produces around. 64 million litres of fuel per day and imports 12 million for internal consumption needs and daily production The first stage in a colander “sitarh الفرس″ Bay (the Persian Gulf Star) 12 million litres of fuel quality” Euro 4 ″. two stages entering into service within 12 months, what would allow productive total 36 million litres of fuel “Euro 4 and 5″. Hence the country’s fuel production will exceed 100 million liters, according to the oil Ministry’s news website Shana. as filtered will produce 14 million litres of diesel.” Base Commander told news ring.J “servants of Allah” God slave, with the start of production at the refinery gas exporter Iran will become the other “quotes” Chana. “he started building the station ten years ago, but he slowed down because of international sanctions. And allowed the agreement with major powers about Iran’s nuclear program in July/August 2015 and lift part of sanctions in January/February 2016 to speed up construction and base of the seal of prophets of the Revolutionary Guard, which is still subject to us sanctions, especially, is very present in the energy sector so that it runs a lot of projects, as well as in other economic sectors in the country.