Iran author black history. Absent from the meetings «terrorism»

Absent Iran from participating in the Islamic-American Summit are looking to strengthen security and stop the chaos in the region and the fight against terrorism and extremism, adding to stress the need for peace, is the first-ever Islamic Summit with the participation of us ally. Web hosting comes in Riyadh, the President who works on the maintenance of stability and security in the region, and repelling foreign Arabic States Iran, Iraq and Syria, especially in Lebanon and Yemen, Africa, as will three historical ties Riyadh tops through the joint efforts of tolerance and cooperation, and the foundations laid for a new and promising a bright future for all, was chosen for the Summit logo «determination», we are referring to start a new phase.
And Iran since the 1979 revolution have caused tensions in the region and fueled factional fighting and published in many Arabic countries extremism, and contributed to the support of terrorism and sabotage against Arabic and American interests by attacking religious sanctities and embassies and support terrorist elements and minorities, succeeded in spreading the rebellion and chaos to achieve political and religious interests.
And her (Iran) black history in attacking Islamic sanctities and distort the image of Islam in the West, and support radical cells to fight on her behalf in Africa and Asia, having attacked and burned the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and Consulate of Saudi Arabia in a scene last year, Saudi Arabia cut official relations with her after years of patience, Adel Al-jubeir, the Foreign Minister said yesterday that he would not be there natural Iranian Saudi relations «, since Iran has not changed its behavior.
This month, Crown me second Deputy Premier and Defense Minister Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, dialogue with Iran, they saw «busy plotting on Islamic world».
Prince Mohamed responded to a question about tv that there was an understanding with Iran saying: «how to reason with them? The logic of Iran that the Mahdi will come and fertile environment must attend to appear across the Islamic world domination», «target Iranian President in reaching Muslim Kiss, not waiting until the battle in Saudi Arabia, but we’ll work to battle with in Iran, stressed that «the Iranian extremist ideology prevents dialogue with Tehran.
Last year, the Kingdom in her speech before the Security Council that terrorism is unjustified anywhere and under any circumstances, stressing that face terrorist thought must be comprehensive, a sign that the fight against terrorism requires combating radical violent rhetoric against Islam and Muslims.
He said the Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah teacher: «we are witnessing a sharp escalation in sectarian threat letter published in our Arabic and Islamic world, Iran feed and work on deepening the sectarian disputes and fanning, using speeches, mosques, media and official statements, has contributed to creating an environment conducive to the spread of extremism and sectarian terrorism and sectarian, as well as its support for armed sectarian militias and terrorist groups, like terrorist Allah party in Lebanon.
And Iran «» hostile acts against terrorism, maker of many States, and sponsored bombings to some diplomatic headquarters around the world, in 1983, the French forces headquarters was blown up in Beirut from Hizb Allah», in conjunction with the US forces headquarters bombing, which resulted in the deaths of 64 people, and elements of the terrorist party wrapped up sporadic attacks the US Embassy and the French Embassy in Kuwait and an oil refinery. Two years after the bombing attempt was a procession of the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Kuwait which resulted in the deaths of soldiers and wounded persons, and then in 1986 Iran has advertised for instigated riots in the pilgrimage season, resulted in a stampede of pilgrims and 300 people died.
Iran had financed kill opponents abroad, in Berlin 1992 Iran assassinated Secretary General of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran, Sadiq sharfkndi and three of his aides, from 1989 to 1990, the Iranian regime’s involvement in the assassination of four Saudi diplomats in Thailand, and in 1994 implicated Iran in the Buenos Aires bombing which resulted in killing more than 85 people and injuring some 300 others.
In 1996 a residential towers were blown in the news, via Hizb Allah Hijaz» Iranian system, resulted in the deaths of 120 people, including 19 of us citizenship, and to provide protection to the perpetrators, including Saudi citizen Ahmed mughassil, who was arrested in 2015, is an Iranian passport and has supervised the terrorist Iranian military attache then Bahrain.
In 2003 the Iranian regime’s involvement in Riyadh by orders from a top al-Qaeda in Iran, resulting in the deaths of many Saudi citizens and foreign residents, as it was in the same year, thwarting Iran’s support for terrorist acts in Bahrain.
In 2011 the Iranian regime’s involvement in the assassination of the Saudi diplomat Hassan Al-Qahtani in Karachi, and in the same year the United States thwarted an assassination attempt on Saudi Ambassador the Iranian regime’s involvement proved in that attempt.
And last year the Kuwaiti Criminal Court ruled the execution of two convicts in the case known as «cell Abdali» one Iranian citizenship, on charges of committing acts that would prejudice the unity and territorial integrity of Kuwait and seek and collaborating with Iran and Hizb Allah» of hostile acts.