«IPad Pro». Fails to replace the laptop


When you ask Steve Jobs first «iPad» 2010 take that Tablet is a medium between the laptop and the Smartphone, as it beats many tasks like browsing, watching pictures and videos.
Five years later, he walked Tim Cook, Steve’s successor, balaibad there is a step forward, and shoveled unveiled «iPad Pro iPad Pro, a new device more effective working with pen and buttons Apple. Then, Cook predicted that the new experience will push people into its sustainment along their cell phones only.
* «IPad Pro»
But his expectations did not suffer as it sounds, because many say they still use my iPad next to their computer. As to Apple sales it continued to decline over a year, which means that the majority of people did not replace PC Tablet until today.
It is likely that this situation will change with the latest versions of Apple «iPad Pro» announcing asked finally. In a gradual progression from previous models, sophisticated device longevity comes the new 10.5 or 12.9 inches and features additional speed and clearer screen, plus a higher refresh rate makes motion smoother. The company also worked on expanding the screen size smaller version of «iPad Pro» who was 9.7 inches.
But after about a week of testing the iPad Pro 10.5 inches, it can be said that the Apple tablet device users still suffer from the same problems when compared to the laptop. Topping these annoying printing problems, preference for performing some tasks with your mouse instead of the touch screen. In the end, I recommend people practical using traditional laptops.
* Improvements
The most important development campaign «iPad Pro» is speed, because the new machine much faster, it has been shown through speed tests conducted by using the application «ghikbinsh Geekbench», the iPad Pro faster new 50 per cent from the previous machine. This means that the replacement iPad produced another two years ago, will give the user an enormous speed. This development at speed makes the iPad Pro more powerful intensive functions like using more than one application, edit photos, play HD entertainment applications that contain a lot of pictures.
Includes «iPad Pro» also new higher rate in the update makes them seem more elastic and smooth, clear appears when the user opens and closes applications, moving between files and websites. On the other hand, assumes a high update rate that contributes to the improvement of some games, but after that the developers to update applications tailored update.
And other important changes, can talk about increasing the screen size in the smaller version of the iPad Pro». Apple has worked to reduce the frame around the screen to expand the field of view. The structure of the Tablet is more casually and heavier. In general this can be considered a size is best for smaller version of your «iPad Pro», as the increased size will give Apple more space to develop a larger version of the keyboard, which is known as the «intelligent keyboard Smart Keyboard».
Finally, it should be noted that Apple had developed accessories that holds and protects the iPad Pro significantly too. The company has manufactured leather price $129 Glava pleases users of Apple’s pen, wasting obsession because it includes a stylus, pen, Apple. And also cover for smart mode keyboard» and cover the coverage.

* Device imperfections
To enlarge the smaller version of the iPad screen Pro» is the company’s effort to resolve the problem in hardware: print. As the smart keyboard» mainly protect iPad screen through the keyboard and the magnet. When the user opens the smart keyboard, the device on the surface of the keyboard and hold it in place by a magnet.
But the problem is that «smart keyboard» fluffy that keys cannot be pressed effectively, as when printing keyboard «MacBook» or «MacBook». After a long time of printing, the user feels lousy keyboard, keyboard developed in «iPad Pro» 10.5 inches is still small and cramped compared with keypad «MacBook».
Other problems that emerged in the iPad related software expected this year. For example, in «iPad Pro, the user can open two applications side by side at the same time. It can also be used each application independently, applications cannot interact together easily, no user can convey an image or a file from one application to another. Fortunately, Apple is working on insert property «drag and drop-drag-and download» in eyeOS 11 to be released next fall. The new operating system will display three applications simultaneously on the screen, which will facilitate mobility and interaction between applications.
* Buy the iPad Pro «»
In its current state, the «iPad Pro» stymied in a Apple products. But with the use of your pen, it serves as a PC for some users who do not need much to print, as artists and illustrators. As for the larger slide users, they must choose to rely on the laptop, along with a Smartphone and tablet.
If the user doesn’t want to buy «Smart keyboard» ($ 159) and Apple ($ 99), should rethink before purchasing your iPad «Pro» which begins its price of $649, to spend that amount to buy the device without accessories will be an unwise decision.
If the user wants the new device for modern reasons as ordinary applications «Netflix», reading books, using email, preferred to buy iPad banal ($ 329) to meet its needs without the need for accessories. (Or simply can simply use a Smartphone with a large screen and abandon the option of Tablet).
For me, I must admit I use «iPad Pro» in research and consultation. But when he had to write and record observations, and reviewing files at one time, I go back to using «MacBook», because the best printing keyboard and more effective in using more than one application for more than one purpose.

Sourse: aawsat.com