Interpol issued an arrest warrant against Indian televangelist “Zakir Naik”


Heading the International Interpol issue an arrest warrant against famous Indian televangelist “Zakir Naik” after receiving a formal request from the Indian investigation agency to issue an arrest warrant “red” delivered upon his arrest in any country.

India said in its request to Interpol to “Nike” (51 years) accused of being involved in money laundering “issues” and “win” through its satellite run by religious terrorism charges.

Indian reports quoted security sources as saying that the note to be issued by Interpol would be through the Indian declaration calling for “an international fugitive from justice,” which requires any nation in the world need to surrender immediately to India, and not to release him on bail.

Indian authorities accused “Zakir Naik” in August of incitement to terrorism and spreading sectarianism through satellite and religious lectures, and called it off for investigations, but the (Nike) longer to India since last Ramadan Umra; for fear of arrest.

His lawyer denied that his client is involved in terrorist cases, as claimed by the Government of Bangladesh, in former times, demanding India stop it and investigated.