Under international silence. «Minefield Uran» continue to hijack the Yemeni lives


Houthi and militia continue to favor land and sea mines coup amid international silence ignored, despite the use of mines in war crimes.

Mines are crimes against humanity are long lasting and persons permanently and require Yemen to long years in order to get rid of them due to the lack of maps illustrating their location.

Houthi militia pursued and in favor of coup, planting minefields in areas seek to hinder Government forces, especially after the liberation of the southern provinces and local statistics indicate hundreds of civilian casualties between killed and maimed, and the number continues to rise due to the expansion of the war in populated areas.

The houthi militia are planting mines at random and disorganized or documented with maps, which is very difficult to get rid of them quickly and easily.

Military Engineering Division Chief of the fourth military region, Director of the National Center for dealing with mines in Eden, Colonel m. Commander Haitham Mercury: the coup had militias agriculture miscellaneous mines and randomly among them forbidden mine known as anti-personnel mines, in addition to innovative homemade mines sting along with anti-tank mines.

He noted that the engineering teams may even managed to grab more than 31, 000 at least mine left over from the last war in Aden and Lahij, Abyan and some parts of Taiz governorate.

He said: the teams started to work during the war specifically with provincial editing of that coup, militias that baptized when its withdrawal on laying mines, causing human and material damage.

And federal human rights Arabic were revealed in a recent report for the houthis in Yemen had planted more than half a million anti-personnel mines in different parts of Yemen led to the deaths of more than 700 people, while succeeded engineers trained by Arab coalition in the disarmament and dismantling of 40 thousand.

The Yemeni Government sent an urgent appeal to the international community for help in demining, planted by a preacher and militia in favor of coup, randomize in areas that were under their control causing kill hundreds of innocent civilian casualties and serious human and material damage.

The Government confirmed that the Yemeni people still suffering from the effects of mines and IEDs of coup militia in areas where edited by the national army.

The internationally banned such mines are threatening all the sources of life, are increasingly a grim reaper for the lives of civilians, especially children, women and the cause for sleepless Government and citizens, especially to cultivate it was random and disorganized ways or documented with maps of what is extremely difficult to detect and get rid of them, explaining that the intensity required of the international community and international organizations on mine clearance, technical and technological assistance and material, to prevent the fall of more victims and the wounded.

And planted various mines coup militia after opening her deposed in favor of Republican Guard warehouses and enabled them to move into all provinces controlled by the beginning of the coup through which to spread death and destruction to avenge the people rejecting the continents and their agenda aimed at threatening the security and stability of Yemen, the region and the world for extortion and Iranian expansionist project, to demonstrate to Yemen and the world’s deadliest gangs savage no qualms about massacres and war crimes for her project and her suspicious and rejected both domestically and internationally.

Engineering teams were supported by the Yemeni Arab Coalition had managed to grab and dismantle a number of Iranian-made naval mine fields of various sizes and functions, planted by militias in the MIDI region coast coup Northwest Yemen after an Iranian naval mine exploded in a boat to the coast of MIDI, killing eight fishermen aboard the boat.

Operation arrowhead Commander Colonel Mohamed naval marine peace alasbahi: Yemeni army began to sweep and clean coasts and Islands for MIDI’s of naval mines planted by militias. He noted that locate and mark mines danger beside her to guide fishermen to stay away from them being dangerous regions, indicating that the engineering teams began a disposal process by dragging them to an island populated not to blow them up.

Meanwhile, among the staff of the fifth military region in MIDI Brigadier Omar essence: the “arrow” process aimed at clearing the Islands and coasts of the Red Sea from mines in the Iranian media, adding that this process not only mines planted in the water, but seek to mine in the Wild Coast for MIDI. He stressed that mines that were salvaged from the Red Sea so far sourced from Iran.

Meanwhile, in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, said the Commander of us forces in the Middle East General Joseph votel: the houthi rebels in Yemen sophisticated military capabilities with the help of Iran threaten the freedom of navigation in the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb.

Houthi explained that “like the Strait of Hormuz, published with the support of Iran missiles and radar system, as well as mines and explosives, boats brought from the Strait of Hormuz.”

And Arab coalition forces recently foiled an attempt to smuggle naval mines by sea to the western shores of Yemen and stopped commercial fishing vessel near a Yemeni islands of Hajjah, Hodeidah and inspect it found large quantities of naval mines are made in Iran