International organizations to keep his coalition in relief of the Yemeni people


A delegation from the Alliance to support legality in Yemen, the Foreign Ministry, the King Salman for relief and humanitarian work during last week’s permanent delegation to the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

The delegation held a number of meetings and meetings with international organizations, notably the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Office of the High Commissioner for human rights, UNHCR, showing through the efforts of coalition forces support legality in Yemen, in humanitarian and relief operations to help the people of Yemen in all provinces, and work to protect property and civilians in Yemeni territory, militia crimes coup.

The Ambassador said the custodian of the EU Permanent Representative of the United Nations and other international organizations, Dr Abdulaziz Ibn Mohamed road, to hold such gatherings and meetings, aimed at clarifying the coalition led efforts to support legality in Yemen, and professional military and strategic objectives of the Alliance, and the attendant humanitarian and relief organizations, support the flow of humanitarian aid and medical assistance to civilians in Yemeni territory, through operation “restore hope”.

The delegation gave concise about the conduct of military operations, broad coalition leadership goals through supporting the legitimate Government, and its insistence on respect for international law and human side during military operations, all the procedures involved to maintain the safety of civilians, and life and property.

During the meetings to exchange views on a number of actions in this regard, in terms of precision targeting, and safety rules of engagement, and the joint group to assess incidents follow and independent investigation of the allegations and issues in this regard.

It was also clarified the picture regarding the blatant attacks on border displays before the coup, militias and the consequent loss of civilian life or property either by indiscriminate targeting and continuous.

In turn, the Yemeni Government Minister Ahmed bin Funk during his reception today for the Russian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sergei korlov, his Government looked forward to increase pressure on Russia to stop the coup militia lost their adventures.

The Yemeni army, made yesterday fresh progress, after the battles he waged against the coup in Taiz province.

According to the Media Center to lead the military’s focus to “the national army forces liberated area, and fought battles with militias in the Directorate Center hub, and Northwest of camp, Western Province.”

Coalition warships participated in the bombardment of rebel positions East of the camp about five missiles, killing 14 solsticial and injuring 20 others, along with destroying three vehicles and rocket launcher. And kill 10 solsticial including field leadership and others in raids targeting them in isolated areas near the center of the Directorate of the Distributor. Rebels showered houses in Taiz missiles falling like crazy and random. And clashes between legitimacy and the putschists to deaths and injuries on both sides. In alkdhah area southwest of Ta’izz received a child die sniper houthi.