The International Court of Justice to decide on urgent action against Russia ordered Kiev

AP – the International Court of Justice Wednesday, its urgent demands imposed by Kiev against Russia, accusing it of “supporting terrorism” in the East of the country, which has been fighting for three years and Ukraine confirmed at a hearing last month that it does not seek through this step at the International Court of Justice only “brings stability and calm in a unpredictable developments and seriousness.” and entered the Eastern Ukraine confrontations between complementaryWorden loyal to Russia Kiev days before a fourth year. The conflict resulted in a fall of about ten thousand people dead since it erupted in April/September 2014 after month Moscow annexation of Crimea, about this confrontation Kiev International Court of Justice calls for urgent action to develop Moscow “for every human and financial support and armed rebels in the country” as well as what it calls “cultural” filter campaign in Crimea, Ukraine in the former Soviet Republic considers that Russia violated international treaty about AZGod of all forms of racial discrimination through Crimean abuse through suppression of political and cultural expression. Kyiv hopes its request for interim measures, in order that the Moscow court to refrain from “bye move could aggravate the conflict or lead to expansion of plantings. This request has been made pending the Court shall decide whether to enjoy the content of the civil case, which may take months.-“international responsibility”-Kiev Government wants the International Court of Justice to assert that “the Russian Federation is an international responsibility. Through its support of terrorism and failure to prevent funding. “Kiev said that Russia since 2014” intensified intervention in internal affairs to dangerous levels interfering militarily in Ukraine and financing terrorist acts and violating the human rights of millions of Ukrainian citizens. “Ukraine also seeks compensation for attacks on civilians as Russia says Kiev, especially Malaysian plane dropped a missile on 17 July/August 2014 in EastUkraine, killing 298 people. for its part, Moscow denied allegations that Kiev packs no legal or factual basis “and that the Court does not have the case is civil, and was Director of Legal Affairs at the Russian Foreign Ministry Roman Kolodkin told the judges last month that” Union of Russia that respects all the obligations contained in the treaties that underpin Ukraine. “-sudden decision? Kiev in mid-January, resorted to the International Court of Justice after she spent years as far as saying, in protest against “supporting terrorism” by Moscow, accused of funding the separatist rebels who are fighting Government forces Ukrainian Kiev says Russia largely failed in its efforts to find a settlement of the conflict and the rare talks in recent months between the President of Ukraine Petro Ukraine President pleads with and his Russian counterpart VladimirPutin “did not produce the result” as the Ukrainian presidency announced March/April and established by the International Court of Justice in 1945 after World War II to settle disputes between States and the Court’s decisions are binding and not subject to appeal. But the highest judicial organ of the United Nations has no authority to enforce its application. And return the case to the UN Security Council where Russia has a veto as a permanent member. in 2008, the Court ordered Russia and Georgia to refrain from any racially discriminatory action in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Georgian regions bordering, after submitting a request for urgent measures Tbilisi. most judges felt it necessary to impose these measures requested by the two countries before Tbilisi declared incompetent to consider the substance of the dispute between the two countries in 2011, and then said that Georgia negotiations with Moscow. On controversial issues before resorting to the International Court of Justice, but a researcher at the Institute of “prisoner” in the Hague Olivier ribilink said “no one can know the outcome of the Court’s judges. “We were surprised by.”