Interior: policeman and injuring three others in an attack on a checkpoint of Saint Catherine


An Egyptian policeman was killed and three others injured in an armed attack on a security checkpoint by Saint Catherine in South Sinai.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement today, that a number of gunmen fired at the point of highest mountain area, but security agents armed traded fire, wounding them and force them to flee, police killed Amin was killed and three others injured.

The statement said that the security forces continue their efforts to prosecute the perpetrators and tuning.

Security Media Center official said earlier that a number of armed persons highest mountain area in front of one security ambushes by Saint Catherine in southern Sinai, they fired towards the ambush.

-Added in a statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior yesterday evening-the ambush force had armed swap firing until the situation was brought under control, and forcing them to flee and leave somebody who was in possession of the firearm “gun” a number of shots so he could smuggle the infected items.

Security Information Center noted that the accident killing Amin and injured three others, pointing out that transmission of security systems for the scene and continue its efforts to prosecute and adjust.

On the other hand, the Health Ministry said that a neighbor rushed to Sharm el-Sheikh international hospital.