Instagram’s craziest fashion and beauty trends

Fashionistas and makeup artists around the world have taken to social media to showcase their talent, grow their business, gain and engage followers, and generate a buzz around their products or services.
Yet some trends have gone way overboard. In fact, it has become a trend in itself to try and outdo the last fashion and beauty trend!
And so online style tips are getting wackier by the day. Every time we scroll through our Instagram feed, we end up finding something ridiculous, yet again. We have put together a list of bizarre fashion and beauty trends. Tell us, would you try these out?
Hair piercing: ear and nose piercing is absolutely old-school. First spotted on Christina Aguilera, everyone is now gravitating toward getting their hair “pierced.” This trend entails hair that is tied up in braids, pierced with tiny trinkets, jewelry or hoops, adding a punk element to that girl-next-door look.
The 100 Layers Challenge: the 100 Layers Challenge is just that — a challenge to wear a hundred layers of anything and everything! Lifestyle bloggers have taken on challenges to wear a hundred layers of clothing and beauty bloggers have created tutorials that show the painful process of applying a hundred layers of makeup. A hundred layers of foundation, a hundred layers of eyelashes, and a hundred layers of nail polish…it’s not a pretty sight! If you do attempt to try this at home, you would need lots of patience and lots of makeup!
Contouring with household items: although contouring has been on the makeup scene for quite some time now (thanks Kim!) makeup artists have gone a step further and created videos where they contour with just about anything lying around their house…including unsafe items like the heel of their shoes, knives, scissors, and hammers! Which makes us wonder…why don’t they just use a contouring brush?
Clown contouring: tired of hate comments on her makeup videos, calling her a “clown”, YouTuber BellaDeLunne popularized this trend when she used bright, clown style makeup that is blended flawlessly to create a perfectly made up face.
Glitter beards and glitter undercuts: the guys don’t want to be left behind and this festive season, have taken to glamorizing their facial hair with glitter beards. We’re talking about full-fledged beards with golden, pink, and red glitter! And the ladies have taken to getting an intricate glitter shave at the nape of their neck, which is only visible when they put up their hair.