Inauguration of the tropical fruit mango Festival in Jizan


JAZAN region agent fired Security Chief Sultan Al Sudairy Thursday evening, mango and tropical fruit Festival XII in Center City Mall Cuddy JAZAN.

Upon his arrival he cut the Ribbon marking the inauguration of the exhibition Festival, after it wandered under the Emirate for Security Affairs in shrubs and the elements of the exhibition attended by a number of specialized companies and agricultural research centre and mango farmers, with distinct types of mango products which is famous for its cultivated area, along with a number of tropical fruits and aromatic plants made famous by region.

MSO listened to a detailed explanation of the fair which lasts for ten days and is a hub for marketing the products of mango, at the end of the ceremony a ladder under the Principality of JAZAN for Security Affairs certificates and commemorative shields for farmers, participants and supporters contributors to the success of the mango Festival XII.