IATA: 350 million passengers using aircraft in the Middle East in 2017


International air transport Association said 238th aviation and tourism sectors in the Middle East will continue their role as key drivers for the growth of the economies of the region.

According to the report of the sixth session of the Arab Summit, that the aviation sector in the region is heading to an annual growth of up to 5%, to be able to transfer an additional 258 million passengers across Eastern airports by the year 2035, to size up the region’s air travel market 414 million passengers over the next two decades.

The report found, reflecting the visions of Arab Summit participants, that the geographical location of the region featuring its centrality to global travel markets, besides remarkable investments in airport infrastructure in the region, were to promote the growth of the aviation sector in the region and therefore the economies of the region.

The report said that growth would be accompanied by putting up new jobs directly in a range of aviation-related sectors, as well as job creation arising from activate turn local economies.

Report of the Arab Summit to fly to the international air transport Association (IATA) that suggest that 2016 3.8 transfer saw billion passengers by air, and air travel is expected to continue to rise, registered 4 billion passengers this year.

According to the forecast rise 238th air passengers to 7.2 billion passengers by the year 2035, which emphasizes wellness and strength of the aviation sector in the long term, according to the report.

Regarding the Middle East report urged policymakers in the aviation sector to consider the region as untapped potential market is the existence of 350 million passengers in 2017 the UAE and Saudi Arabia instead of dumping in the markets and economies through legislation limiting the potential growth of the sector.

The report stressed that protectionism for the sector that will limit the rate of growth and employment opportunities in the service sector, social media in the region are still not sufficiently involved in the movement of air travel and economic, social and cultural potential that air travel to unleash her.

The report drew attention to the entry of nearly 1000 commercial aircraft in service through the year 2017, bringing the number of aircraft in service to 29 thousand planes around the world. These aircraft departure rate to 73 every minute during the current year.

With regard to keeping up with the growth in air travel, the report said the Arab Summit to fly to the investment in the infrastructure of airports, which are estimated at $32.7 billion in the U.A.E. State alone.

The report confirmed that the development of infrastructure in different regional markets will be among the key factors to prompting regional investments and also contribute to 3.2 million direct jobs by 2025.

The Arab Summit is an annual event and aviation initiative launched by the aviation industry in the region to promote and develop tourism and travel in Arabic countries through dialogue based on cooperation between public and private actors involved.

“The Arab Summit and the media ‘ initiative committed to the development of aviation and tourism sector in the Arab world through the opportunity for fruitful and constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors.

“The Arab Summit is described as” aviation platform francophone public sector issues “, the largest regular gathering of journalists and representatives of the Arab media with senior officials and experts in the aviation and tourism sectors. The Summit is held in various Arab city every year.