Hypnosis home cure abdominal pain in children


A new study shows that Hypnotherapy home remedy using CDs at least similar treatment sessions, carried out by a specialist regarding cure # mother _ abdomen when # children.
And found doctora Joliet Rutten from children’s Hospital Medical Center, Emma academia in Amsterdam and colleagues note in a report published online on 27 March in the gamma Bulletin of Pediatrics concluded that # Hypnotherapy using CDs is “an attractive therapeutic option for these patients.
They added that studies showed that Hypnotherapy that targets the intestines is effective for children and adults with a success rate of between 49 percent and 100 percent. However, the sessions # hypnosis _ hypnosis is expensive and time consuming, as the therapists trained to treat children are few.

Hypnosis sessions at home.
To determine whether Hypnotherapy at home can be a substitute, researchers at nine centers around # Netherlands children suffer from the syndrome bowel irritation _ # to receive six treatment sessions of hypnosis by a Wizard during the period of 3 months or home therapy sessions worked through the instructions of certain exercises exercise 5 times a week for 3 months.
And after treatment succeeded treat 36.8 percent of 132 children were treated with home sessions are recorded, 50.1% of those treated with the wizard.
In one year the proportion among those treated homemade 62.1 percent compared with 71 percent of those treated by a wizard.
The researchers invited to design an application on Smartphones because they recorded compact discs _ # methods of Hypnotherapy is not available.