Human Rights Watch accuses the houthis and their allies in Yemen using banned mines

AP-Human Rights Watch accused Thursday houthi rebels and their allies of supporters of former President Ali Abd Allah fit using land mines banned in Yemen caused the killing and maiming of hundreds of civilians and impeding the return of displaced persons to their homes, the report said that the rebels and loyalist forces in favor of using anti-personnel landmines in six provinces at least since the Arab coalition led by Saudi KingdomFriendly operations in Yemen in March/April 2015. She explained that Yemen banning anti-personnel mines “for nearly two decades,” but the rebels violated that ban and “killing and maiming hundreds of civilians” and disrupt civilian life in affected areas and impede the safe return of thousands of displaced civilians to their homes, and the New York-based organization said that houthi forces fit for use of anti-personnel landmines“Violates the laws of war, and that the individuals involved are committing war crimes, Human Rights Watch called on the rebels to” take immediate steps to ensure its forces stopped the use of anti-personnel mines, destroying any antipersonnel mines, and appropriate punishment to everyone who uses these indiscriminate weapons. “and testify Yemen since bloody conflict between 2014 houthi rebels and Government forces, and the capital fell into rebel hands in September/October of the same year. And saw the conflict escalated with the start of the Saudi intervention at the head of the military alliance in March/April 2015 after enable prisons to control large parts of the impoverished country and killed in Yemen more than 7700 people, mainly civilians, wounded more than 40, 000 people were injured, according to the United Nations, in fighting between the two sides and bombardment by sea and by land and by air since the start of the campaign.