«Housing» allude to the possibility of imposing «land fees on commercial Street

The Housing Department revealed that < phase of white land fees will not start before 2020, suggesting the possibility of commercial Street coverage fees soon. Musharraf said the Housing Ministry white graphics program Mohamed almdihim, by showing how the white land fee calculation on the media today: «phase of fees might begin by 2020, and not before, to the completion of the first phase, which is equipped with ten thousand metres up spaces, with double the capacity of the Ministry is granted to all registered completion». He stressed that the Ministry has not delayed in charging white territory, stressing that the Ministry does not intend to be market maker or to control real estate prices.
He said: «the land sale does not replace the payment of the invoice issued by», «land prices may vary, some land prices up to million riyals, and land up to 120 Srl, drawn three reais only».
 Source: Alhayat