«Holy Affairs» translate taraweeh prayers in five languages


Translation Management Director Walid mosque alsaqabi a meeting with the heads of the committees draft translation of the custodian of the interpretation of speeches to the languages (English, Urdu, Indonesian, French, Farsi) to discuss plans and programs of the Department during the Ramadan season 1438.

Alsaqabi said that it would provide 3 three programs during the month of Ramadan, and are:

The first program: live broadcast of radio episode 29 in interpretation and translation of the Holy Quran to languages (English, Urdu, French, Persian, Indonesian) will be done via radio frequencies assigned to draft the custodian of the interpretation of speeches, adding to that article linked with radio what will your platoon owners imams Grand Mosque during taraweeh prayers, would be broadcast date after taraweeh at 11:30 pm on the first nights of Ramadan and at 11 : 00 pm in ten days.

The second program: publication and broadcast of Ramadan, fasting from the Sacred Mosque “, is one of the custodian of the project outputs for simultaneous interpretation of speeches, 1436 seasons 1437, which share themes of Ramadan and when enacted sectors, since the Holy project follow a course of simultaneous interpretation in the history of giving speeches, in this translation course has been followed programme structured to facilitate the listeners of the Grand Mosque.

Programme III: spatial extension services-unit San Hajj and ‘ Umrah and Department by hiring a sufficient number of mentors and guides to the Holy Mosque-goers in eight languages and provide maps and answer questions about portals and portlets and services provided by the Presidency of the pioneers of the Holy Mosque during Ramadan, will mentor the clock during Ramadan.