Hilal Baha “initiate 3791 report in six months.

Saudi Red Crescent revealed in Baha, directly a number of teams received communications Commission operations area during the past six months, including traffic accidents and cases, where the number of communications received by the Commission during this period which resulted in a communiqué 3791 58 deaths.
Official spokesman for the region’s body IMED Ben Zahrani, forgotten for ever, “he reported cases initiated by difference 3647 State and injuring fifty-eight recorded deaths during the last six months of the date 1/1/1438 e to 29/6/1438 and are as follows:
1593 report to traffic accidents is collision and coup and run over and others which resulted in 1609, including 1053 case quoted by Red Crescent aid handled on site ambulance, where she was transferred to the patio and metropolitan hospitals.
Zahrani, pointed to a record 549 immovable injured, some treated with various sites location, others move through other means, noting that resulted from those incidents 24 deaths.
Zahrani added to 2198 communications registered for medical conditions, receiving medical service through 2038, where teams 1384 State over ambulatory Red Crescent teams to area hospitals, with 697 could not be moved, either for not having to transport or ambulatory service provided by paramedics on site.
Zahrani was drawn to the diversity of medical conditions which was initiated between fainting and epilepsy, convulsion, hypertension, diabetes, colds and other respiratory crises dust stroke, resulting in those thirty-four cases death.
Zahrani, called everyone not to rush the injured from accident sites until the arrival of emergency teams that are well aware of the correct and proper method.