The high casualties b «Corona» to 24 during «Ramadan»

Saudi Health Ministry revealed < recording 24 real early viral infection SK Ramadan, most were in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, brought in some preparations hospitals to isolate patients, lifting capacity.
And I knew al Hayat that yesterday (Wednesday) recorded five hits in various places in Riyadh, including three for health workers, two of them Saudi had contact with patients, with recorded for 57-year-old patient didn’t come out of the hospital, and cases are recorded the day before yesterday, in the city of Al-Ahsa Hofuf, and other critical status register in Riyadh for the citizen.
Three died from the illness since the beginning of Ramadan, two immigrants, one 65-year-old with a deceased citizen was nearby, at 63 years, with three critical situations since the beginning of the month.
About 21 cases remain under treatment since disease SK, sprung warnings of frequent review some hospitals in Saudi capital Riyadh, for the possible spread of infection in those hospitals, there has been no confirmation from the Ministry of health.
The total incidence in the command and control center, 1.565, plus 44 case without symptoms, including 946 if healed by now. and out of hospitals.
The World Health Organisation said yesterday (Tuesday): «the three Saudi hospitals reported respiratory disease AIDS Middle East (corona virus) since 21 April April last, with 12 people with a disease that could be fatal as a result of moving them from patients died after».
Statistics revealed the command and control center in the Saudi Ministry of health about 26 people injured during the April respiratory syndrome middle (SK), except that the disease was a concern for all Saudis, is virtually impossible today to just «painful memory» passed out of the country, though the spread «virus» never stops, and there are new cases almost daily rate, with widespread Ministry expects new «virus» in the coming months.
Source: Alhayat