Have you heard about autophagy and its relationship to cancer?

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Fasting strengthens what is known as the process of # Alaltham_almata, which in turn kills # cancer and protect the body from the emergence of any # Khalaaa_srtanih this was confirmed by Dr. Magdy Badran, A_i_aa immunity.
According to “Net” that autophagy is # Alah_mnaaah where you play a vital role in the # destroy # microbes that reach cells and limit the cancer to destroy the molecules of carcinogenic aphid, which opens up future areas of research on how to activate autophagy to treat cancers property.
Badran stressed that autophagy is a security guard immunity works for 24 hours, and guarding cells from the inside and is maintained by periodically expelling harmful particles that destroy and devour what might mutate or rebel to become cancerous cells.
He adds that the failure or lack of process autophagy causes the accumulation of cellular garbage in the body of secretions, and the remains of inflammation harmful components and cause damage cells or her old age, which reduces the functional efficiency, so fasting increases the process of autophagy and cleans the cells of the content that is unnecessary or defective content that threaten the special cell components.
Dr. Badran points out that autophagy ensures the survival of cellular components during the hunger to maintain cellular energy levels, and during this process is isolated from the rest of the harmful components of the cell components inside a private vesicles are expelled by autophagy.
Says immune consultant that activate autophagy is through good nutrition and exercise regular movement and the simplest walking half an hour a day at least, and then regular fasting where he maintains stem cells balance existing in the bone and reduces the destruction of the structural cell components also reduces the decrease of telomeres, increases the efficiency of solubilization particles.
He adds that he recently proved that fasting protects cells from the yard programmed as protected from damage , pointing out that the disruption of autophagy paves the injury and infection recurrent cancers and premature aging and immune deficiency and increases the chances of developing Alzheimer ‘s disease.
Immune consultant explains that the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Oohsumi won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2016 after leading his experiments that revealed autophagy, stressing that the understanding of this process , we explain what is happening in a large number of diseases and understanding of many physiological processes such as adaptation to deprivation of water, food and fasting and the face of infection and re – understanding of cancer and Parkinson ‘s disease (Parkinson ‘s disease) and the second type of diabetes, asthma and allergic airway pulmonary disease in children and chronic bronchitis.

Sourse: alarabiya.net