“Health decisions by integrating and developing new departments


Director General of Health Affairs issued in Riyadh Dr Nasser, a number of administrative decisions, to improve the delivery of health services in Riyadh.
New resolutions included: incorporating personnel management and contracting management and operating management in one department named Department of human resources services and military Director Hussain sanitan.
Issued dossari decision to develop internal communication Manager, Ben Knight daoui baqmi Director, also issued a decision to rename the Department of human resources planning rather than managing workforce planning, Ibrahim Bin Abdul Rahman Al-sunaidi Director.
“Dossari and Vice Health Minister’s eagerness to improve health services for patients and interest in Health Affairs leaders qualified to promote each new mandate-oriented services do more to raise the level of health services provided to patients through follow up and continuous supervision by them and pay attention to the patient’s interest and references.
And through the new mandate-holders expressed deep thanks and appreciation to the Director General of the “health” and human resources Assistant to trust them; we pray to God Almighty to help their mission, and to be good when everyone thought.