This is what happens to your body during sleep. Highlighted in killing cancer


When we sleep our body depends not only on the completion of critical processes like breathing and circulation and metabolism but there are other operations only during # sleep.
Dr #مجدي_بدران is a member of the Egyptian society of Allergy and Immunology reveals to Arabic. “Details of the processes occurring in the human body during sleep periods confirming that #هرمون_الميلاتونين is responsible for regulating sleep cycles, body clock adjusts; and plays an integral role in reference to the time of day and time of year, which helps regulate the body’s internal clock; biological clock regulating human’s internal clock for four and twenty hours; which makes a person wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night and when melatonin levels rise less than body temperature then stimulate the feeling of sleep; The contrary upon waking; secrete sex hormones such as # altisteron and # fertility hormones only during sleep.
But how to start? Answering Dr BADRAN said: in the early stages of sleep happens down the activity of the cortex of the brain by 40%, and here the body begins to feel his need for sleep sleep stage;;, which does not occur in rapid eye movements while sending the brain waves to the other members of the body to prepare for sleep stage; and in the second phase, these waves are loaded with electrical signals are called sleep spindle, small brain activity occurs which makes the body sleeps then delves into these waves to become slow and big And in what is known as full sleep and deep sleep.
And a large percentage of blood reaching the brain to the muscles of the revitalized and renewed vitality and disappearing effects of tiredness and fatigue; and then another thing happens not to overwork the brain; and transfer a small portion of the nerve impulses between the brain and spinal cord and surrounding areas, and sends signals to the cerebral cortex responsible for most thought processes so relax and other signals to close the nerve cells that work in the spinal cord, causing a sort of temporary paralysis.
According to Dr Badran that blood flow in many areas of the brain associated with memory and emotion, which include the areas of language and mind less blood flow into it and thus ensure that during that period of sleep memory booster and renew the passion and increase storage in # brain.
#الخبير_المصري adds and says that during sleep increase incentives that fights disease and inject a substance kills cancer kill # tumors and pumped hard in veins during sleep and with bloody role to kill all cells that are considering mutiny and switch to cancerous cells, so during sleep activates the immune system and the body produces antioxidants and less headaches alshkiki and reconstituted neurotransmitters that transmit signals and instructions between neurons and cells affect intelligence and thinking, creativity and the mood and the ability to learn and retain information.
And warns the doctor benefit Badran from lack of sleep at night where it was found that lack of sleep causes stomach ulcers, and garrison is responsible for protein repair any defect or damage affects the tissues of the stomach and small intestine, consisting of proteins during the night.
Dr Badran reveals that during sleep the skin cells grow and renew itself and what might damage by UV exposure as you relax throat muscles and salivary flow decreases during sleep, thus causing dry mouth in the morning; heart drops by between 10 to 30 beats per minute during sleep and this results in a decrease in blood pressure.
During sleep also burn the body the amount of oxygen and food # to provide energy and talk of reform and the body begins to produce growth hormone.
He warns Dr Badran from lack of sleep that cause psychological and physical disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and lack of attention and lack of focus and poor memory and increase the production of # alkortisl and is one of the stress hormones that destroys collagen is responsible for renewing cells and activate the vitality it raises your blood sugar level and lowers leptin, which regulates food intake