Haniyeh , “and” Abu Rumman ” the plight of knowledge or falsification of ? (2-2)


this book is a personal side for me. The researchers” Hassan Oboehnah and Mohammed Oburman “were in touch with me during the preparation of their book by virtue of that I wrote a lot about women in radical Islam movements, and touched through mutual conversations from the outset to focus on condemning what they called Wahabism, and considered a party to the birth of movements and terrorist organizations.
but what I would like to emphasize that the difference in the views that we see a way to enrich the research arena, it was not the motivation for this critical reading, but pitied value scientific, in dealing with dilemmas and issues, you need to grandfather Of objectivity in the study, not to frame the identity or crisis personal, requires the result to hide information sometimes, or arbitrarily facts at other times, which was the motivation for the allocation of this response which is not enough to just be in two parts.
Zainab al – Ghazali and Al – Qaeda and Daesh
came in the book Page 62 of Zainab Al – Ghazali: “Ghazali , which made an icon of Islamic women ‘s political struggle rather than explicit jihadist they are always present in the movements of # Alasalam_alssayas not enjoy the presence of little in the course of Jhadiat # Al – Qaeda organization and # Daesh.” Inaccuracies in this paragraph are many starting to drop the researchers describe the “political struggle” on al – Ghazali, to flirt with the foreign reader and the German house, which I never take him for herself, but was preoccupied with the idea of one which is “Jihad” and the application of Islamic law and the achievement of the caliphate.
It is known that the term struggle does not carry a guaranteed religious, and replaced him with Fundamentalists term jihad, but the Islamist intellectuals robbed the term to create bridges with secular currents, for the purpose of marketing itself in the contexts , non – religious and avoid the word jihad because of a bad memory in the Western media.

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The militant Al – Ghazali as described by the researchers involved in the formation of # Altnzim_asera known as the “military technical” in 1968, which was intended to overthrow the government after the inauguration of the Egyptian President # Onor_alsadat, and was the first meeting of the members of this organization under the auspices of the order of Zainab al – Ghazali, and established the organization of the military from her home, where he met with both Talal Al Ansari and Saleh secret under the auspices Hudaybi.
To meet the pilgrimage in 1957
before, and confessed Zainab al – Ghazali itself received in her memoir “days of my life,” boasted of its role in the establishment of 1965 the private organization, it was him when she met Abdul Fattah Ismail Hajj 1957 Journey, who described being Dynamo’s organization and the third of three executed 1966.
according to Al – Ghazali: “We sat behind the Zamzam well near the shrine of Abraham, and took us talking about the invalidity of the decision to dissolve # Jmaah_alahoan_almuslimn and the necessity of organizing the ranks of the group and re – work. We agreed that contact, after returning from the Holy land, Imam Hassan Hudaybi, leader of the Nstoznh in work. when we decided disperse, he turned to Abdul Fatta H said: should we link here allegiance with God that we fight in the process, do not shrink even collect the ranks of the Brotherhood, and Nvasal between us and those who do not want to work regardless of their status and their representatives, and pledged allegiance to God for jihad and death for his call. ”

On the other hand, the researchers failed to attempt to absolve Allah from impact on jihadist formations feminist, who comes to her friend wife Allah Azzam (or Mohamed) that her husband enjoyed a unique relationship with Syed Qutb and his sisters and benign mogul.
In an interview with the wife of Abdul Allah Azzam November 2007 said: “but I was impressed with many personalities whom Zainab al Ghazali, by Allah’s mercy and cover her with great mercy, have received lessons, and I met her at various places, and I was her roommate at a lot of conferences in Pakistan and Jordan. She sat with her several times. And heard in several classes and lectures, and were the cause of Jihad, the story we wanted to be like her and offer to Allah’s religion as presented, and at every position on Jihad in adversity you imagine it and say: glory to Allah, and when she was much adversity we ever remember her and say: what we did?! It still didn’t offer something for her and others, things they must have felt for Allah, they were always our role models, and don’t forget our sisters: benign pole, Pole vaults, and other lots.
Iman albgha
The researchers completed their task in connecting the call Wahhabism radical organizations and in particular ISIS through Damascene “faith albgha” dubbed “ISIS” doctrinal excuse in # Saudi Arabia and thus influenced by Salafi Wahhabism which researchers claimed that the Organization belongs to ISIS.
They never failed from employment to promote daaithma even if injustice facts available about Sue ISIS which refused itself stated in the invitation of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab and confirm criticism.
It was the basis for building a story of faith and social albgha they are raised poor and superficial, where researchers effort only search engine “Google” above and publish them, which makes us agree with the faith itself when it got stuck in her on Facebook to discuss Abu Haniya, Abu Rumman, 80% in search is invalid.

First they were to their suspicion that “dreams” victory “a poet’s daughter ISIS, the worthy researchers not only published about them, but find the answer, and that her within a certain belief blog acknowledging that dreams are her daughter and listed some details about them, added to her mother’s belief that dreams confirmation.
This weakness in the effort of researchers has taken a toll on the entire story of faith, family, and their analysis of the origin and the position of both the father and the husband in her decision.
ISIS poet dreams of victory.
Briefly explain here that the dreams of victory by ISIS poet dubbed activated before exiting to Sham with poetry and revolutionary poems across Web sites still Paltalk rooms maintained since 2013 dreams decided to exit # Syria after persuading her mother in 2014 but she went out with her father that her husband, one of the leading organization of “ISIS” Abu Osama stranger “, in 2014 after two days, I followed her faith and her the rest of her family, who arranged the marriage are almgati mortal Abdel Karim’s wife, fatiha Almgati a Qaeda killed earlier in a confrontation with Saudi Arabia, saw her son’s marriage.
On the analysis of researchers and cultural and political attitudes, the impact of her family (her father and her siblings), and that’s what counts most in the discussion of fallacies and contradictions, and by another reluctance facts summoned by the idea that the researchers tried hard-nose pliers which covered here.
Haniyeh said Mustafa Abu Rumman and albgha the father of faith: “it is known that Mustafa albgha closer in their opinions and religious beliefs to Shafi’i Muslim culture and religion and it is close to the moderate, Sufi orders especially Naqshbandi,” then the researchers provides in what they said about the father: “the religious upbringing is known for his rigour, recalling his disciples that he was careful to separate the male and female students even in lectures is inherited by” faith “for her father, too. : “Is akin to a form of traditional elders and scholars who are not inclined to the idea of renewal or to harmonize the updated times and Islamic heritage.”

Then the researchers addressed to religious school that originated the faith, namely: “doctrinal school good school maize habnkh which are idiosyncratic and religious militancy and craft in reading texts.
Floundering and contradiction
Here shows the blundering charmingly researchers depict her as close to the moderate Sufi especially Naqshbandi, and then the researchers describes the father as “unknown religious rigidity,” without clarifying the Mystic dimension moderate father figure and its compatibility with religious and doctrinal rigidity at the same time.
The most important posture, either as part of a series of fraudulent investments to Wahhabi role on the life of faith albgha what: “Saudi phase and engaging in Salafi atmosphere.” With: “long live the faith in Saudi Arabia for 15 years, teaching at the University of Riyadh, it is known that the Salafi School of Wahhabism is dominant over the Middle, while her father and Sham scholars belonging to the school launches a” good school habnkh in Damascus says faith that they belong to a school in contrast, Shafi’i ash’ari Islamic State belongs to the Salafi Wahhabism “outright.
That’s before we bring in detail to disprove what about ISIS organization affiliation to Wahhabism, is of the utmost importance to clarify the facts about the roots of extremism and atonement that his sons and albgha faith Anhalt including her sisters.
Did the researchers are eager to return to PhD and masters of faith albgha and supervisors including toxic sister albgha and her name appeared in written by the researchers that answer the question why she had faith in her blog “I daashih before” ISIS “, bringing up her children on his methodology.
In 2005 received the doctorate degree from faith mission, which was entitled “mandate” doctrinal study, led by a son of Mohamed Farouk habnkh school alakkam, the importance of this name would come after knowing her PhD for her sister Dr albgha toxicity, which was entitled “Islamic politics and its impact on legitimate governance, overseen commissioning alakkam himself Admin Iman but was his side’s significant name” Mohamed fine structure “, Professor of jurisprudence and jurisprudence of comparative family year book at Omdurman Islamic University Damascus, (all sons of Shami habnkh school).
I don’t know if the researchers note it and deliberately not to come in his name or that he was vulnerable young research efforts.
Renowned for its structure and highlighted by the doctoral thesis “Jihad and fight in Islamic politics, shocking book to match size between ISIS methodology process and Arthroscopy” structure “forensic science in his letter.
Unlike the researchers, ISIS organization affiliation paste to Wahhabism, the writer did not address any of its margins to something in the words of Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab, but all his commissions were of the Shafi’i and Sayed Qutb.
Polar walsrorih
Junction habnkh school with polar walsroret brotherhood is not only this, but a lot of evidence, was Mustafa albgha father of faith among signatories to a statement praising Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, as well as console Mohamed Abdul Karim Mohamed’s death probably pleasure and what he wrote Elegy for this character who gave the special boss albgha’s faith so as I mentioned in one of their codes.
Hence, causes a confession of faith albgha as “daashih by ISIS are”, since the birth of ISIS was only from the womb of creation science school for good habnkh: “dolaoion Sham scientists in their science and Sham scholars are students of Sheikh Hassan habnkh.
On the other hand either to discuss what the researchers tried to FOB it off at a cost of albgha faith portrayed under the weight of a double effect.
Make sure that the false and misleading projection said faith albgha itself, which I’ve always looked at with disdain and Wahhabi line characterized by ignorance of the political and economic data and even social and says in September 2015: “in an Islamic book is a college requirement in the land of the two Holy studying college students that Muslims obey me which governs drop and it is right that today we live in separate countries, they also say that we live as Muslims in the same State as the succession for example doesn’t fit the era say this in a book article Islamic “.

In addition to that faith does not see Wahhabism new addition, saying: “it was Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab really innovators, Jihad for oneness, is in this Jihad didn’t come on, everything he wrote and called to him in faith, wrote mothers did not violate the righteous salaf something and it has increased following the establishment of the State:” it established the State on the basis of religion apparently predecessor shall be satisfied in this sense religiosity Islanders Arabic while they actually don’t care about rulings in Important things like politics and Economics and then worked to isolate the island’s scientists from other scholars of the Muslim world. ”
And of course comes anger jurist faith is identical to the brotherhood’s vocabulary has never articulated his encounters in pleasure Mohamed criticism of Wahhabism, which wasn’t internationalist discourse and disregard appearance of Mahdi, the theory of Caliphate.
The skinny one’s faith response by the Saudis in her on Facebook is accused llbgha of trying to ruin her students with a aldaashi thought, says: “I’ve been hiding their sympathies for them from someone else and of curriculum and teaching method of trying to keep your children know you are poor and Allah so Sykes Picot don’t know anything about it until forensic science know only the titles and several prayers.”
It seems that albgha listed for its story did not receive satisfaction as researchers did not agree with their desire, which lent to pluralism which codified and without reference to what I said, which was entitled “this is me growing up,” confirming the fact of reading llendoi walmodoi, (founder of the pagan theories consenting and succession, as the father is political Islam groups which NHL him Banna Sayed Qutb and Khomeini, too).

Meanwhile, in a very superficial went researchers to portray the Organization belongs to ISIS Wahhabi jurisprudence does not exceed the external manifestations of religion as wearing black robe and veil and segregation between sexes and so on, although it was not a monopoly over the centuries, the Islamic sect or school.
Although albgha’s faith didn’t come bye “Saudi” Salafi school in any of the written across her on Facebook but a projection by researchers, we discuss as is for the Iman Salafist describes its intended for researchers.
Ibn taymiyah and the Levant
It is known that the Levant not constantly renewed Ibn Taymiyyah Hanbali and founder of today’s bottom and is jurist, Shaykh Muhammad aka al-Islam Ahmad Ibn taymiyah, until it became this world a symbol in the popular imagination in the Levant and the shadow of his supporters and enemies in the Levant and beyond, from the moment of his death during his life, and even later eras, especially in Damascus and in particular in the stronghold of hanbalis printed on Damascus or Hanbali stronghold for centuries and the Spartans before having call Wahhabism.
Ancestral tendency Hanbali, Ibn Taymiyyah approach hasn’t disrupted from the Levant, and did not invent-Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab because the source is indeed Hanbali find whom Ruud Gullit by Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab were dependent on Hanbali scholars in Damascus and other countries # sham.
Meanwhile, haneya and Abu Rumman sought to manipulate the vocabulary, consistent with the research purposes with the Moroccan aldaashet reported him uhum Hasani, or Adam almgati, the turning point in her life, the researchers say: “synchronise their presence in that period in France with an Islamic Conference, attended by a band Yarmouk Islamic anthems, plus advocates and religious preachers,” then added: “second effect to Islamic Conference was to pass on the experience of” war on Bosnia among Muslims, Serbs and Croats, if often influenced by religious discourse Which he tells about the plight of Muslims in Bosnia, particularly # address Senate Saudis. “
That’s what the researchers said, either the fatiha reported press dialogue conducted with her in the newspaper June 2005: “in late 1991 we traveled to Paris for a month, we attended an Islamic Conference, which met there elements of Hamas and the Afghan Mujahideen, Yarmouk Palestinian anthems”, and admired this weather. ” Adding: “one day after we returned to Morocco almgati decided to go to France to sell some handicrafts pieces, and when he returned from his trip, tell me its going to Bosnia, and it was highly unlikely to me, but the fates could listen to tapes to Sheikh Saad brake, which affected quite significantly, and the heart of my life upside down.”
And see here how deliberately researchers replace what uhum about having Hamas and Afghan mujahidin # group which means that era ‘ Abd Allah Azzam “and” camp echo, “add to swap Palestinian Yarmouk band description of” Islamic “, replacement perhaps all in bright in counterfeiting with the words” speech Senate Saudis. ” Here we ask why this travesty are Islamic background researchers, mobility or is commissioned by the German publishing house by linking radical political Islam movements of Wahhabism?
And for that, they returned to using their descriptive imagination without any regard for the facts, this time firing as they pushed him in an interview by fatiha by saying: “having watched the other bars to suffering and heard Saudi Sheik passionate bar” ancestral “, known as break, he talked about the slaughter of Muslims there and urges their rescue.”
Cyperus break my predecessor?

It is important here to stop at description of researchers for break Sheikh “ancestral”, known among researchers Saudis to Saad break symbols is called Saudi Arabia stream “Awakening” is a term for belonging to the brotherhood and walsrori thought the two streams unlike advertiser with traditional Saudi Salafis in political issues and terminology because kinetic alshawi affiliation for break Saudi authorities arrested and released recently.
This one.. And two failed in their attempt to overthrow the “letter” Khattab on bookmark Wahhabism as responsible for bringing women into Jihad.
As stated in their book: “the scientific reference authority RFC Wahhabism most observance of identity politics was quicker to embrace women’s roles within the jihadist groups transformation, it was the influence of the Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya Commander Khattab (Khattab) and forensic officer Abu Omar sword clear in bringing women into the Jihad, was influenced by both ayeeri Yusuf and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi over whatever ways Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri.”
Like this paragraph unfortunately wouldn’t even fit to be a draft of an article before, so how to cast out as an exceptional find described as radical groups, sponsored by the German House.
The researchers tried speech divergence gown Wahhabism, which he called on Saudi Arabia, “was only shoia, Silvia brotherhood, met with bin Laden and Zawahiri in Afghanistan and participated in the battle of Jalalabad and Khost and Kabul 1993 battle.
Go to # Chechnya in 1995, under the guidance of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri post processing to the camp with him, “Mahmoud Hesham El henawy, leader of the Egyptian Jihad Group who moved with a speech to Chechnya within the group charged up to kill him there, before his stay in Sudan along with Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahri.

Speech remained in touch with bin Laden and Zawahiri recipient financial supplies for his collection of Abdul Allah Azzam, as in the same speech in one of the audio tapes.
Contrary to what the authors claim that ayeeri was influenced by a letter, the opposite was true, as Yusuf ayeeri bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, who accompanied him on a plane to Sudan before landing in Iran was the mastermind and leader of the speech, as played bar.


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