Half a million of the cars sold by auction “classic Qassim”


Auto walklasikh Heritage Festival saw Qassim “classic Qassim”, organized by the tourist development Council Qassim, a public auction of classic and heritage cars that go back more than 80 years.

Within the Festival Palm Center in the city of buraidah, where turnout exceeded cars for sale, classic car enthusiasts involvement of regions and countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the tourist development Council Secretary General said Qassim Festival organizing Committee Chairman Ibrahim Al-mushayqih, to establish the auction within the Festival, because what you find traditional and classic cars of unparalleled interest from collectors and interested, as you find from general acceptance of many of its fan and their owners in areas of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and in charge of the auction. Mohamed, forestry has been on a group of cars in addition to transactions outside the auction, where total sales amounted to half a million, pointing to make an amateur classic car allocation to a charity licensed area, stressing that the establishment of the auction classic Festival Qassim, an opportunity to meet between owners and traditional and classic cars enthusiasts from within and outside the Kingdom, and a chance to learn what each one owned by one of them most of their attention to the idea of buying and selling, noting that participants found GPIC aesthetic form and content Good thing that appeared on the Festival in General and supervisory photo that shows a particular auction.