Hail University opens the doors of the book fair. Sunday


Hail University prepares guests book fair v and the accompanying cultural programme with the slogan “youth. Culture and building “, with the participation of more than 50 between publishing houses and cultural institutions and libraries, which kicks off next Sunday 4 Shaban 1438, for five days of accompanying events with the participation of a number of intellectuals, at the Conference Centre colleges students.

Dr stressed absolute library Dean Turkish, that fifth book fair is a way the University has taken to raise the level of culture in the community, and contribute to the publishing industry and exchange knowledge and enhance the movement and browsing in knowledge and science offices, noting that the University seek through the exhibition to encourage publishers and cultural and scientific institutions to expand the publishing process, and raise community awareness of the importance of the book, and emphasize the importance of thoughtful reading and composition of youth building behavioral and intellectual.

Added d. absolute, in conjunction with the book fair, cultural briefings will be held at the Conference Center Theater colleges students, specialists including Naguib Al-Zamil and praises the judge previously Shura members, inventor. muhannad Abu Dayyeh, a graduate student, engineer Salah al-Zamil, WA. Mohamed Al Imam University faculty member Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University, in iPod. Khalid Milky faculty member at King Faisal, Mohamed hathot, King Saud University academic, Suleiman Olayan interested in developing small and medium businesses.

And that show receives visitors from 8.30 a.m. till 12.30 p.m. and noon is reserved for men and General and higher education students, open in the evening beginning at 5 pm to 8.30 pm.