Hail the new deadlines for University exams.


Dr. Adham alloish, Dean of admissions at the University of hail, some modifications to some academic calendar dates, opening times of my gate allocation and transfer between colleges and departments, Royal command after which provide State exams before Ramadan.

Said Dr alloish the final tests for General Setup materials at the University of hail will start on Tuesday 13 Shaban, specialty materials tests either will begin experiments from Sunday 18 Shaban, accordingly will open my gate customization and conversion on Wednesday 5 Ramadan 1 pm and Gates will be closed on Sunday 9th of Ramadan at 8 am, Monday will be 10 Ramadan and Tuesday 11 Ramadan dedicated to processing the data entered, the adoption will customization results Wednesday 12 Ramadan, announcing the results of the conversion will be Thursday, 13.