My hail “meet with roads and water departments


He met a delegation of councilors hail headed by Fahd al-speaker with hail, road Manager during the meeting discussed cooperation and coordination with the public roads administration in the presence of the Director-General of the Turkish section. Radi, come visit the members of the Council to develop the development work and service in respect of the terms of reference of the roads in the area.

During the visit was discussed in the presence of members and their aldghim, the famous and adored the love slaves) Sultan Hamud ajlan alkornas alhmzani Saud and Fahad seryan alharbi incompatible weaaid and Mansour Rashidi and Secretary Abdullah Al-Assaf) set of topics and issues that concern, the meeting dealt with the presentation of the road management projects in the region and to develop adequate solutions to find some road projects and the work of the Council and its vital role with integrity and transport, as well as specific mechanisms aimed at solutions and inform the Council regarding it which contributes to the promotion of integration and coordination, as a number of issues were discussed And services.

The Director General of roads with hail m., summed up the meeting Turkish alrady a service road and directed the Municipal Council in the public interest and achieving the development of development work and strengthen relations of cooperation and integration in accordance with perceptions and will benefit individuals and society and supports development and contribute to the development of the region.

A number of Council members representing the President visited for water management in the region, and was to receive them Khalid Al-jam’an, Director General of water.

One of the main topics that were discussed with the Director of existing water projects water found and projects that are being knocked down, as well as a lengthy debate about certain projects and how to deal with problems and solutions, the two hosts welcomed the vision Council about some quick fixes, as many common concerns and ways of cooperation between water and the Municipal Council, which will be its impact on citizen service and comfort.

AMIR said Fahd Councilman hail after visits to the Council considers important axis all reinforces partnerships with being an active partner with roads and water departments to effect advancement for the future of the region, stressing that my hail يسعی with all the power and support for strengthening and building strategic partnerships with all public and private sectors to make a positive impact on the development and enhance the contribution and focus on investing in all areas.

The price of Amer Hasan graciousness and reception of public roads, water managers in the region of anything that promotes development capabilities, and collaboration with what was thrown, demonstrating admiration for what intensity of vision, sincerity and dedication in the work of the departments under the support and follow up his Royal Highness the Prince of the region towards achieving the aspirations of Allah saved command.