HAIA: we supplied Germany with information proving Qatar finance for terrorism


Saudi culture and information Minister, Awad bin Saleh # HAIA, Saturday, in the visit # Germany that stretched for three days, all support Kingdom # ways to curb and eradicate terrorism and cut its financing.
He met during his visit to Germany with a number of officials in the Parliament and presidential and national security affairs, also met with Foreign Minister and Deputy Speaker of Parliament and officials of the national security apparatus.
HAIA said: “he found great understanding among Germans to other States and the Kingdom’s position in State district # Qatar after providing them with information that proves the involvement of Qatar in the financing of terrorism and extremism and support and care of its characters and exploitation of Al Jazeera as a media platform to promote violence and pays tribute to the terrorists.
Promotion of the terrorists.
So, between that Al Jazeera show terrorists with the appearance of heroes and leaders through broadcast programs, through interviews and special coverage serve terrorist operations, noting that there is a documented information material broadcast by the island to pay tribute to the New York bombers on 9/11 and featured as great champions and they’re murderers shedding blood and destroying property and lives without mercy.
He added: “while arguing Al-Jazeera slogans such as” freedom of expression and opinion and the other opinion “but actually use these logos to pass the Qatar agenda in promoting violence and extremism and interference in the States, as well as distortion of facts and falsification of events to go along with their criminal plans against human life and against security and stability in the region.
Qatar mislead public opinion.
The Minister explained that HAIA Qatar sought to mislead public opinion to conceal their criminal by for years and used the money to make the issues through deception, as it has done in hosting the 2022 World Cup, but it won’t fool them anymore after the evil intentions of the world unfolded in supporting terror and care.
He added: “Qatar to reconsider their positions in support of terrorism, and that the true way to protect global security imperative for Qatar extradition, stopping the flow of money to entities and individuals involved in terrorist lists.
“He said after a meeting with Deputy Speaker of Parliament Claudia Roth, and provide information to demonstrate Qatar’s involvement in support of terrorism, finding that it proves the corruption revealed Qatar approach through the use of money to buy assets and falsify the facts as he got into the subject of hosting the football World Cup 2022, Qatar offset demands of this hosting because of involvement in corruption and sponsoring terrorism and destroy international stability and security.
He also noted that Qatar in cooperation with Iran worked on fake facts and spreading misinformation almzlomet claim by false information contributed with Iranian Minister Javad Zarif in promoting it.
During his visit to Germany came to uncover the truth with evidence and proofs which process Qatar Condemns categorically condemned terrorism financing and sponsorship.
He explained that the German Foreign Minister will visit Saudi Arabia soon to confirm cooperation between Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Sourse: alarabiya.net