Hackers cripple Wen «health» Britain


Electronic attack is long, at least 15 States, today, injuring the health sector in Britain almost paralyzed.
Full, Etisalat also suspended at least in Russia and Spain, fadda. The Prime Minister said
Theresa may said British virus published by pirates «part of a larger international attack».
The attacks included crippling virus hardware and leaves a letter requesting payment of $300 for replay, States
Others, including France and Germany, Italy and Russia and Japan and Turkey, Spain and Australia, Belgium, Mexico and Sweden
And Romania and Viet Nam and the Philippines. Hackers targeted hospitals and companies in these countries, including telecommunications companies
«Mighavon» and «Spanish Telefonica» Russian which stopped working.
And request for the attack to work in hospitals and surgery units and agencies across Britain, causing rejection
Patients and cancellations, rerouting ambulances. Hospital services limited
Care for emergencies only. National Health Authority said they did not target alone, referring to the attack was affected.
Institutions from sectors other than health sector.
Announced the National Security Centre website» of British intelligence that is investigating the attack, said
European Police spokesman it helps London and Madrid to investigate the attack that «similar the pattern of attacks
In America to require health institutions ransomed».