Gulf and Arab warning to Yemenis Division


Gulf Cooperation Council stressed Arabic University need to circumvent the Yemen legitimacy, to be
Yemenis face priority extra-community in the country, and warned against Division and invitations
Renewed the Arabic Gulf Cooperation Council established position towards Yemen’s unity, sovereignty and maintain safe
And stability, and support for United Nations efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis according
Of the three outcomes, according to a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) the night before last.
And GCC Secretary General Abdul-Latif Al-Zayani that invites all people components
Right to reject invitations band separation, wrapping around the legitimacy to extend State authority and sovereignty and restore
Security and stability in all regions of Yemen.
For his part, Ahmed Abu Gheit called on the Secretary General of the Yemeni people, Arabic League «solidarity
And support in this difficult moment to spare the country risk of the band split.
To, the local councils and the Executive Office in Aden, South Yemen, its support for the statement
The meeting, Saleh Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, with his advisers.
According to a statement carried by the official Saba News Agency, confirmed the local authority Executive Office through
Commitment to the statement.
On another note, said Assadi Mohamed, spokesman for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
For «Middle East» that the incidence of disease «cholera» doubled in one day to rise from 92 to
182 case today.