Guest’s arrival completes the custodian to the city.


The Group has completed nine pilgrims guests custodian Salman bin Abdul Aziz-Allah-keepers to Madinah and 230 voluntary Tawaaf and prominent Islamic figures performing Umrah in 11 Asian and African countries.

He arrived in Hyderabad Thursday evening and Friday (77) voluntary Tawaaf and performing Umrah, from four States: Maldives (20), Japan (10), Brunei (5), Thailand (42), where they were met on arrival at Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz International Secretariat officials for the program custodian for Hajj and ‘ Umrah, Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance.

The first batch of guests (153) voluntary Tawaaf and performing Umrah arrived last Wednesday from Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Ethiopia, China, Ivory Coast, and Bangladesh.

Raising the guests thank custodian – supported by Allah-on this hosting, this Mecca Royal Islamic elites, this hosting is not uncommon on the Kingdom and its leaders, expressing their happiness, they arrive at an airstrip revelation, Kaaba Kiss ventilated and Muslims in their psyches.

They stated that this hosting Muslim leadership asserts, it is always mindful of the Ummah, holding up thanks to the King Salman-save Allah-for this opportunity for scholars of the Ummah to perform Umrah and visit.

Meanwhile, program Secretary General Abdullah Al Medlej, harnessing all the possibilities to serve guests custodian since their arrival to the land of the Kingdom until their departure for home unharmed conquerors, and straight-up of Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawa and guidance, where the program continues, check on progress of the programme in accordance with the plans.

He welcomed Al Medlej guests, wishing them a good and acceptable old residence in their second, indicating that the program includes pilgrimage, pray in the mosque of the Prophet, the Messenger of peace honor Allah-Allah bless him-and their generous Abu Bakr and Omar – Allah bless them both – and meetings with owners of virtuous imams custodian, the programme includes visits to visit martyrs, Quba mosque, King Fahd complex for printing the Holy Quran, Allah sky Gallery Hasani, kaba’h, Gallery building custodian, peace be on you o Prophet In Mecca, in addition to organizing cultural day open meetings outside Mecca, which honored guests.