Grandmother diagnosed before other autistic grandson injury

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Grandmothers can help diagnose autism in children at a young age if they spend a lot of time with young grandchildren, according to the findings of a recent study.
Joseph boksbaom confirmed, one of the researchers in the study of ICANN’s College of medicine in New York, told Reuters: “these results are incredibly important, grandmothers can diagnose the condition early. Early intervention means early diagnosis _ which is important to improve treatment outcomes.
The researchers noted “autistic” or “institutionalize periodic online on February 8 that although ASD can be monitored from the child reaches the age of two years, many cases are not diagnosed until the child is approaching from the age of four.
They stressed that whenever an autism diagnosis early treatment was better for the young child’s brain is better able to respond to the treatment of older children.
The current study conducted an online survey of parents of children with autism also included some friends and family members.
Children were diagnosed with autism who participated in the study when completed 40 months old on average, diagnosed children who spend time with their grandmothers regularly was almost five months earlier.
Nachom explained will entertain, senior researcher in the study of Colombia University in New York, “Reuters”, “remarked about 50% from friends and family that the child is suffering from something before he realized the parents themselves.
And to determine how it can affect the family structure to monitor disease researchers examined 477 data from parents of children with autism and 106 data from close friends and family members.
The study showed that children who have diagnosed autistic brothers was between six and eight months before children who have brothers or sisters.
When asked the parents about someone else very close to your baby learns the possibility of autism, 27% of cases that that person was a maternal grandmother and 24% of cases was the teacher.
The study showed that the grandfathers and grandmothers noticed by parents of autistic children have been infected by about 59%.
The doctor said Thomas Fraser, Director of the center of autism children’s Hospital in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, who was not involved in the study: “than usual to spend too much time with grandparents or caregivers to easily monitor a problem which could lead to a diagnosis of autism.
It should be open to parents concerns family members including grandparents and grandmothers for their children. The more eyes the better, and this is particularly true when the child is facing problems is the older child.