Grandfather precede his mail to create a garden for women. For hiking

< Women became another garden’s grandmother, is the first Saudi city specialty garden, with scheduled to inflict his mail, which frustrates candidates for municipal councils in elections held a year and a half ago, create gardens for women in their campaign. These gardens are characterized by having kids and trails suitable for hiking, to attract the ladies, especially holidays, with improved temperature.
Jeddah municipality opened before finally grounds «women’s oasis» in Cavite South of Jeddah, the first ladies garden created by the Secretariat, but not the first, preceded by Trabelsi established Princess garden in 2010, ladies receive throughout the year, various celebrations and activities, and established cooperation between the public and private sectors.
The area of «total» women’s OASIS 10000 square meters, covering green spaces including 3831 square metres, where the tree and 47 infused her palms, and 525 shrub, and crosswalks along 632 meters, 452 square metres space games and nine games for kids, plus 60 umbrella, and also hosts five tables, and 23 a Chair. And her guests receive daily from 4 pm to 11 pm, except on Sundays, when the maintenance work.
Singer launched referendum revealed via «Twitter» about Ray amordan to create the garden, that 71 percent found him an excellent «decision», while 18 percent thought it “unnecessary” and went 11 percent of the vote to the “good, but first initiatives». Drunken singing said: “the very slender space limited for beards like housing and children’s games is negligible.
Tracking grounds Princess Trabelsi «feminist friends gardens Jeddah», located in the neighborhood of Haemophilus yamania, estimated 19 thousand square meters, and contains large green spaces and walking lanes along 500 metres, serious children’s playgrounds are free for events up to two thousand people, and an open theatre.
The Park Manager, said Samira msgagi in an earlier statement, the socialites in Jeddah anshaen garden in cooperation between the private and public sectors, for hosting awareness seminars, tutorials, lectures, scientific, medical, and encourage children to read and love found, in addition to providing environmental awareness programs and keep clean public facilities.
Qassim region adopted two years ago, garden designs «women’s housing» in the city of buraidah. The Secretary said that Saleh Al-Qassim engineer «project situated on Othman Ibn affan road, beyond its area 130 thousand square meters, with the total amount of more than 13 million for the first phase, and it implemented 720 days», stating that the Park containing shops, a library and a nursery, pedestrian, landscaping, restaurants, along with support services.
Saudi cities contain several recreation and amusement and business centres for women and children only, with other specific days devoted to visit women, at the Zoo in Riyadh on Tuesday to visit women, there are also sections on King Abdulaziz library in particular women and children.
This phenomenon is not limited to Saudi Arabia, Dubai U.A.E. allocated specific days for women to visit recreational places and beaches, with five established Sharjah neighbor ladies gardens.

Source: Alhayat