Governor of soil “looking row leave youth activation


The Governor held soil Nasser Bin Hamoud Al-subaii monthly meeting Tuesday evening with writers and intellectuals and professionals in the presence of the heads of government departments, which discussed ways to exploit leisure youth during summer vacation this year.
The meeting was interrupted by a purposeful interventions with some appropriate solutions and discuss some minuses, where training courses were proposed in a number of areas, including maintaining mobile phones, electricity, mechanics and crafts with activating the role of seasonal jobs in the County, and the county courts and urged Government agencies and by human and moral and material support and also activate the media role in urging young people and educate them in exploiting times to benefit.
With the meeting mandated Office Manager education province soil Saud baqmi assumed the task of choosing the staff who will identify the needs of young people and ways to implement them urgently to being taken advantage of by this summer, God willing.