Google paying 440 million rubles fine monopoly in Russia


Moscow – d b a: us giant Google paid Internet services 440 million Russian rubles (7.3 million euros) to the Russian authorities, as fine a monopoly because of the preinstalled applications on Smartphones, according to News Agency (Interfax) Russian Federal Antimonopoly body in Russia.

Interfax reported that the Commission agreed with Google on Monday on a judicial dispute between the parties that extends over half a year, and noted that Google agreed to pay this amount for cessation of legal actions by the body.

The Commission accused the American company, they sell smart phones running Android, have affected the sales of Russian competitors in the sale of phone applications.

Company “Yandex”, a pioneering Internet search engine companies in Russia, had filed a complaint against Google Apps preinstalled on phones.

In the same context, the European Commission investigations against Google, about whether the company abused its dominant position on the market, in three facts about the Android system and search for online shopping and electronic advertising.