For good health and a long life. The secret of this magic sport


I always thought the researchers and scientists to jogging Taki from the gravity of death _ serious diseases early, due to its benefits as a strengthening of the heart muscle and others, is newly demonstrated us study confirmed that running for one hour a week, contribute to human life for up to 77 hours.

The study involving the heart of 5 us universities, including some 55, 000 people, that specifically contribute to stave off the jogging die early _ caused by diseases.

The study demonstrated that transfer of care 2 location results on health, a magazine specializing in heart disease, that people who practise jogging say they have the risk of premature death by between 25% and 40% compared to their counterparts who don’t rely on jogging as part of their system.

The study showed that also incorporate jogging with the practice of other types of sports reduces the risk of premature death by at least 43%, while proven to runners who do not practice any other sport they less risk by 30%.

It is stated that following a healthy diet _ with jogging regularly contributes to the enjoyment of life free of serious diseases causing premature death.