Global investment forum in the city featuring state 57


Industrial Chamber of Commerce hosted the Medina Invitational Primer for global investment forum in the presence of the Islamic Chambers head of Jeddah Chamber Saleh Kamel, confirmed the encounter to establish investment forum the end of the year 2017 and so on instructions of his Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Salman to host an expanded meeting room featuring all Arabic and Islamic Heads coinciding with the Islamic tourism capital kicks off 2017 m (to serve as the nucleus of an Islamic rally periodically hold international economic).

The Deputy Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers Munir Mohamed Nasser said the meeting concluded to form a Committee made up of Council of Saudi Chambers and ICCI and the city room and stakeholder participation from the public and private sector and offered investment opportunities in the Kingdom in General and the city particularly in preparation and setup of the Islamic investment forum which will 57 a room, the meeting reviewed the presence of his Excellency Emin region. Mohamed Abdel Hadi Amri, Branch Manager Mohamed ghban, Foreign Ministry Secretary and Secretary General of the Council of Saudi Chambers Dr Saud projects , Director General of the Ministry of labour and social development to fined Allah Al-Ghamdi and Secretary of Jeddah Chamber easy Hajjar and a number of members of the Board of Directors of three axes represent the general framework for the agenda of the Forum is to put investment opportunities and obstacles to investment and how to attract investors.

Hailed in his full vision for the Kingdom, noting she opened wide for the contribution of the private sector after enumerating the areas of investment in the city in the housing sector, services, medical tourism, education, stressing the importance of developing formulas to attract investors targeting new categories and move economic data into the city as the capital of Islamic Economics, and praised the thrown age. in enumerating the meeting the needs of the city for investment promotion and development of slums and basic services and hotel and hospitality for more than 30 million visitors noting areas of cooperation between the city and the Secretariat.

Businessman Abdul Ghani praised Hussein idea Forum pointing to the importance of investing in the Town Board member noted Kamal Osman city’s mobility and what has been done in the past period to be eligible to attract more investments.