The gift: a regulatory program reveals the excesses of saloons and restaurants

Secretariat of Taif represented in public administration of environmental health field monitoring campaign on restaurants and kitchens and bakeries weswalin shaving and general health related activities walhda Shifa regions guides municipal support Subcommittee in preparation for the tourist season, and the first phase of the campaign included 55 stores in Al Shifa walhda 215 were adjusted offense relating to public health, poor hygiene and places of preparation, not abiding by the uniforms, insect traps, not running health cards for employees, having food prepared the previous day, poor places Storage, lack of attention to personal hygiene, and a number of other irregularities, and municipal regulation was applied fines violators.

And environmental health department confirmed that the municipal support programme Subcommittee comes under the direction of Secretary Mohamed Bin will turn architect of Taif will turn to strengthening field monitoring activities relating to the health of the consumer, and the program continues the next period in preparation for Ramadan and Eid and the end of the academic year and leave until Eid al-Adha, he noted that the Administration has prepared a special program to control includes continuous monitoring throughout the week and raise awareness of irregularities and adjust to remedy abuses, applied environmental health department fines deterrent sanctions on uncaring health Consumer to prevent repeat offenses, with awareness of these abuses damage to public health.