«Ghufays» launches periodic meeting of general managers. And keep on disabled plan hail


Minister of labour and social development launched the d on ghufays, periodic meeting with the Ministry of labour and social development branch in hail for directors of branches in the Kingdom, in the presence of the Chancellor and the Superintendent’s Office and development sector strategic shift. Majed Al-Osaimi and a number of Secretaries.

Meeting saw discussion of many topics in social, as Dr ghufays in the field of comprehensive rehabilitation center for the disabled in hail, privy to desirable workflow and enhance disabled groups.

Dr ghufays also launched the website of hail Center volunteer work and which will form a database of volunteers and organize volunteer work and volunteer hours certification.

Another aspect of the Director General of the Ministry of labour and the development of hail, wind alaiad, thanks and appreciation to Minister to allow employees of the Ministry’s branch in hail display achievements section during the last period, looking forward to the visit to have impact on supporting branches of the Ministry to provide better services.