Germany vows to help Iraq in reconstruction


German Foreign Minister pledged zigmar Gabriel to Iraq which suffers from years of war and terror with more support in reconstruction.

Gabriel said today during his visit to Baghdad that Iraq must first oil rich to exploit the economic potential, this requires reforms to improve the investment conditions in the country.

The United States has a special responsibility towards the reconstruction of Iraq, Iraq war initiated by the Americans in 2003, contrary to international law and “caused a large part of the problems,” adding: “war is still present everywhere here.”

On the other hand, Gabriel ruled out expanding Germany’s military involvement in Iraq, explaining that it will remain limited to the training of armed forces.

He: “I certainly wouldn’t have been walking around here with troops involved in security, there are people who believe that this permanent presence of foreign security forces occupying their country.

Gabriel intends during his first trip to this country stimulate interdependence in Iraq, where he lived next to Sunni and Shia religious minorities such as alaizidion, as a large part of Kurdish population. The visit is conducted under tight security, Iraq is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, with Baghdad in almost daily terrorist attacks, sometimes located several attacks in one day.

German army involved 140 soldiers in training Kurdish forces against the terrorist organization of ISIS in Erbil, Iraq, Kurdistan’s capital, 80 miles from Mosul.

The stop was the Organization of large areas in Iraq. Since last fall the Edit battle most biggest bastions of “ISIS” in Mosul, which has already been largely regain control.

So, three Iraqi policemen were wounded in a roadside bomb targeted their patrol in Western Baghdad on Wednesday.

Security sources said that the explosive device exploded during a police patrol in Western Baghdad, Ibrahim Bin Ali district, wounding three policemen wounded.