Germany postpone decision on Israeli-made drones rental


The German Parliament’s Budget Committee postponed deciding on a financing package of one billion euros ($ 1.11 billion) for the army include a deal to hire Israeli-made unmanned aircraft, according to Reuters.

However, the Committee agreed, according to Reuters, Wednesday, on purchases worth 11 billion euros for the German armed forces, including five small warships for two billion euros.

The Defense Ministry warned of a delay, saying that “there is a strong need to buy this gear for modernizing weakened spending cuts over the years.”

After the adjournment, Defense Minister von der informed of where tv (ARD) to obtain Israeli aircraft March favored by the army because of compatibility with models already owned, is still under discussion.

And Christine lambrikht placeholders for SPD (center-left) earlier that the Budget Committee would delay a decision on the entire financing package under her party’s need for more time for consultations.

German Defense Minister is eager to approve applications before the general elections in Germany on September 24, since around may further weaken an army trying to rebuild itself after years of spending cuts in the aftermath of the cold war, and getting ready for other responsibilities placed upon himself.

I have some SPD deputies had reservations about hiring Heron TP from Israel space industries which can be rearmed and used to protect German soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Mali.

Germany has already three versions older than Israeli hairon aircraft reconnaissance drone deployed in Afghanistan. And Airbus maintenance and cannot be arming.

Germany is supposed to assume additional tasks within NATO and the European Union.

Source: Reuters

Untung Yusuf