Germany freezes “drones” deal worth one billion dollars with Israel


Anatolia: the German Government removed from its agenda, consider renting a deal whereby Germany “drones” from Israel, according to Israeli media.

And Yediot said Thursday that the deal that they will generate billion us dollars to Israel, canceled because of objections to the use of aircraft in offensive operations and assassinations, and the desire of the German parties relied on intelligence-gathering only.

She noted that the subject was removed from the agenda of the German Government yesterday, amid objections showed the coalition parties about offensive capabilities. “

The objections to the deal first emerged last week, after the German Parliament members visited the aircraft industries complex in Israel.

The newspaper said that members of Parliament expressed their disappointment after discovering that the drones, but exclusively for intelligence gathering, but equipped with assault weapons systems ready.

She added: “immediately after the visit, informed members of the German Social Democratic Party, which is part of the governing coalition, Defense Minister Ursula von der lane on Friday, that they would not ratify the deal with Israel in its current form.”

The paper noted that the German party fundamentally opposed to the concept of filtering processes using unmanned aircraft.

After the visit, the party members demanded that the aircraft only on “intelligence gathering”.

As quoted from the German Greens Party welcomed the decision, saying in a statement that “attacks by unmanned aircraft has changed the face of war in a serious way, they often contribute to the escalating levels of violence and are contrary to international law”.

According to the paper, this decision must await the matter afresh in the new German Government after the elections of September/September next.

Israel is of the leading countries in the field of unmanned aircraft industry.

Over the years, Israel has introduced developments on those planes enabled it to carry out offensive operations, and no longer limited only to gather information.

Israeli army planes was used extensively in the murder and assassination of Palestinian militants during the past years, especially in the Gaza Strip.