General Administration of education in Mecca nonprofit partnership


The Education Department signed in Makkah nonprofit partnership with the Gulf for training in Makkah, General Director of education took place in Makkah Mohamed Mahdi al-Harithi with Gulf training manager in Makkah Khalid abdulrazaq aldriaan partener Sunday 19/7/1438 e.

The parties wish to establish a partnership between community rehabilitation services and personnel training through participation and holding programs and courses that serve the educational community convergence and integration efforts, to achieve the strategic plan to develop Mecca by Saudi Adviser Governor of Makkah Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, and aimed at its “human development place;” for integration in the country’s development and the embodiment of national and educational goals and achieving partnerships.

The parties agreed to the terms of this partnership as an initiative under the existing legislation and regulations in Saudi Arabia nonprofit development partnership.

The areas of cooperation and partnership include discounts on programmes and courses in English language programs and training programs and courses in computer software and programs and courses in management training.

Gulf also provide crucial training of 30% for the orphanage staff teach Mecca as well as sons of the martyrs, and provide management training Hall for the Education Department supervisors in Makkah when needed and provide human resources support “goal” in professional certificates, and to provide general management education program schedule for the most important training programmes and activities, reports the beginning of each semester.

The Convention was attended by Gulf Fahd Bin Abdullah bakhsh Branch Manager in Mecca, and by the Education Director of education adviser Khaled abouhawash and educational media supervisor Shaker al-Harithi.