Gaza: Assassin “Uche” represents the scene of the assassination, a Qassam fired.


Each home-editorial team: in Gaza, the Interior Ministry announced Friday, finishing a crime scene representation for the defendant killed the martyr Mazin scholars. “Arabs live”

Paragraph 6.4.1 spokesman, “because Arabs live hands bezm, reporters through his” Facebook “,” Military Prosecutor concluded Friday, the representation of the scene because the defendant killed the martyr Mazin scholars and others involved in the crime “.

“With complete rest in preparation for legal proceedings brought before the Court,” according to bezm.

Al-Jazeera, said that the captive killer kaeb Kassam leadership editor Mazen foqha, was a member of the Qassam Brigades.

It quoted informed sources, that the killer was dismissed years ago of Hamas because of behavioural and ethical transgressions, and explained that he joined after his dismissal from extremist Salafist Group Qassam before recruiting Israeli Mossad.

The Chairman of the political Bureau of the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) Ismail Haniyeh-Thursday-arrests in assassination port Kaha, ‘ said that the Israeli occupation is the one who gave the order to carry out an assassination attempt on March 24/last March.

Haneya stressed in a press conference that “all the details” reveal evidence implicating occupation in the murder of Uche, and vowed to “carry out comeuppance murderer and everyone associated with the incident on the base of revolutionary justice.

He said at the Conference-attended by captives EDS security leaders-it was possible to announce four days before the killer, but rather wait to stand on every detail, expressing his pride and gratitude to the security services said they were working around the clock to uncover the circumstances of the crime.

A Hamas source confirmed that the killer was brought to the scene to represent the assassination before noon, where dozens of security agents and police deployed around the building since morning that killed Uche.

The latest assassination captive editor four bullets near his house in Gaza City, Hamas accused Israel wemtkhabrin operation, whereas the Qassam Brigades vowed revenge.

Israeli authorities arrested Uche in August 2002 and sentenced to nine life and 50 years, according to Hamas.

Faqha was released in 2011 and beyond to Gaza under a deal whereby released by HSS fulfillment enthusiasm for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit that his movement five years in Gaza, in Exchange for the occupation more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners.