Game expert warns of bad impressions of players in retail applications


Electronic games expert said that video games are no longer just for kids and even adults and adults, this imposes a new reality, adding: “we compete with half a million in developer shops on mobile phones.

He warned the ceo of ntmarbel Paris ausstik, the word “participated in the Forum next,” of some of the users have negative impressions, saying: “put 100 player reviews are negative in alabstor is a real disaster,” it’s important to communicate directly with users, unless the abducted by other companies.

Ausstik added that the most important quality indicator is interaction, either download the game, not an indication, it is the interaction and continuity, and monitor user behavior.

It was important to have sophisticated tools companies monitor customer behavior and players, some players may be discernible, as others might distract from the game before you even download them due to bad impressions reflected only