G “ready to tighten sanctions on Russia


In a statement issued at their Summit ended in Italy today, the Group’s leaders wrote: “may we lift sanctions on Moscow if it carried out its obligations, but we are nevertheless ready to impose additional restrictions affecting relations with Russia more than offset by the cost of their positions if necessary.

In conclusion, the Group expressed its willingness to cooperate with Russia in the interests of resolving regional crises.

The Italian Foreign Minister has already confirmed today that alvano Angelino “g” had recognized the need for dialogue with Moscow to resolve international crises and adopt common responses to the challenges of the stage.

He said: “seven” States recognized the great “the need for dialogue with Moscow and cooperation with them in crafting solutions to resolve international crises and confrontations of contemporary challenges, notably terrorism.”

He added: “but this necessity does not require the reduction of pressure on Russia to assume its responsibilities within the framework of the Ukrainian crisis” seven “group was forced to impose a package of restrictions on ties with Moscow in various forums.

He continued: “the European sanctions imposed on Russia under application of the Minsk accords Moscow, this guide Italy to discuss sanctions.”

Source: “ARKA”

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